The Luminous Ones, The Time Traveler’s Woman and The Man Who Fell to Earth, three adaptations of very different novels on air

meet with film adaptations or soap operas on television is something that is the order of the day. Many fascinating stories have made the leap, with better or worse luck, to the audiovisual format. If not, ask good old Stephen King.

Science fiction is no stranger to these adaptations. In fact, many of the great stories of the genre have gone to audiovisuals throughout history, some, like Frank Herbert’s Dune, several times.

The terrain of the series is a good breeding ground for these adaptations, some very daring. Currently, there are three very different, but ambitious, major science fiction series broadcast on different platforms.

If you are clients of Movistar Plus+ It is very likely that you have come across The man who fell to Earth. This new adaptation of the novel by Walter Tevis (Queen’s Gambit) sees an alien arriving on Earth at a time in our evolution that could mark the future of our species.

Our colleague Rafa Domínguez left you his review of the Movistar Plus+ series on the web so you can take a look at it.

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HBO Max subscribers are also in luck with the adaptation of The time traveler’s wifean adaptation of the novel by audrey niffenegger about a couple whose relationship is tested by time travel.

The review of the HBO Max series is now within your reach on the web, thanks to our always intrepid colleague Raquel Hernández.

Finally, Elisabeth Moss didn’t have enough problems in Gilead, so she embarked on a bumpy little journalistic journey back to the 1930s in the luminousthe series of AppleTV+ which adapts the novel Lauren Beukes.

Also from the hand of Raquel Hernández, you have the critique of The Luminous on the web, to see our verdict on this impressive series.

As you can see, you have a little of everything within the range of science fiction to enjoy in a big way these days, without counting all the content that, without a doubt, we have not mentioned.

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