The magnificent sofa that Robert Pattinson has designed and which Batman can place in the living room of his home

Robert Pattinson has surprised his fans with a unique sofa of his own design which has been recently published in an article Architectural Digest,

This charismatic piece of furniture was born from a collaboration between ‘The Batman’ and ‘Twilight’ actor and designer Nicole Gordon. The two commented on the creation, which is currently on display at JF Chain in Los Angeles, and explained the reason for its strange “ear” shape.

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As Pattinson told the magazine, “I started making furniture because I thought it would allow people to interact in a fun and informal way.,

“They all had oversized, disproportionate elements that were really fun. And in the process of making some clay models, I discovered that overlapping organic curves had a similar effect.”

The seat was intended to be able to host intimate conversations and, at the same time, be the center of conversation. Nicole Gordon, who also worked on the decor of Pattinson’s home, went even deeper into the process of creating the sofa.

,Rob wanted it to be a piece that could be read sitting down, while also being something stable and sturdy that could accommodate a large group of people at a party,” he commented.

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According to Gordon, Pattinson was pursuing a “floating” effect, which turned out to be the “most challenging” part of the project. ,He had to live with people without becoming unstable. We placed a piece of metal inside the sofa shell. it “This allows you to hold about 160 kg of weight in each hand.”

JF Chen, who is currently exhibiting the original piece, will offer a limited series of six pieces for sale.

In the interview, taking advantage of the opportunity, the interpreter was asked which was the sofa that he had enjoyed the least in his entire life. The answer, without a doubt, is more than surprising: An inflatable boat.

“Even the worst is my favorite,” he admitted. “There was a time when the only furniture I had was an inflatable boat. I used it as a sofa, bed and dining table.”

“I liked it but it gave me a lot of back pain,” he concluded.

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Recently, Robert Pattinson has led the team of stars who have dubbed Hayao Miyazaki’s new film ‘The Boy and the Heron’ into English. This film was the opening film of the last San Sebastian Festival.

If you want to enjoy the version of Bruce Wayne that the actor brought to the movies in 2022 or if you want to relive his time in ‘Harry Potter’ where he stepped into the shoes of Cedric Diggory, you have both. Available HBO Max movie list.

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