The man inside Shakira’s van who sparked rumors

Shakira He has already testified before the judge and has admitted all the charges against him. The singer admitted that she signed the deal because “I have come to the conclusion that winning is no great achievement if so many years of your life are taken away from you.,

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“I have to pick my battles and do everything that is most important to me now so that my children can live full lives and focus on what is really important: Seeing them grow up and spending time with them, without subjecting them to the pain and exhaustion of seeing their mother in a criminal trial. He himself has asked me and I have taken this decision for him. They’ve been through a lot of hard times and I want them to finally see me happy and looking forward to a future together.” Shakira announced in her statement.


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More than 200 media have been recognized to appear Provincial Court of Barcelona And cover the entrance of Shakira’s suit. The singer arrived in an all-black van a few minutes before 10am.

Laura Fa, in ‘Public Mirror’

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When you get out of the car, someone catches your attention. laura fa,’s associatepublic mirror‘, and he was at the scene of the incident. The Catalan is tasked with telling his teammates what bothered him the most at that moment.

Laura Fai and Gemma Lopez in ‘Public Mirror’

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‘Salvame’s ex-wife explained the situation that caught her most attention: “It’s strange that Shakira arrived on time for the appointment, but at ten minutes past one, the van she was in arrived. It was stopped for a few minutes and then I saw that there was a cameraman inside the van. There was a movie camera inside. I have also seen that the lawyer Shakira “He talked to the camera for a few minutes.”

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“I started calling everywhere to find out if any documentaries were being recorded about her last years in Barcelona, ​​because I’d never seen Shakira with a camera. They couldn’t tell me anything. Not able to… It’s true that this situation wouldn’t surprise me, because everyone else is doing it. But still, it seemed quite strange to me,” Laura Fa concluded in the morning program ‘Espejo Público’.

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