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The perfect robber (Bandit)

The perfect robber (Bandit) it’s a thriller American that combines robberies with comedy and that is directed by Allan Ungar (Final Assault, Gridlocked). The script is in charge of kraig wenmann (Secret Obsession, You will take care of your brother), adapting the novel “The Flying Bandit, Taking Down Canada’s Most Daring Armed Robber” by Robert Knuckle which is based on the real life of the bank robber gilbert galvan. The plot centers on the criminal history of a daring criminal who, after being released from prison, assumed a new identity in Canada and was able to rob 59 banks and jewelry stores while the police were unable to catch him.

It stars Josh Duhamel (An explosive wedding, Jupiter’s Legacy), Elisha Cutbert (The CellarMy Sassy Girl), Mel Gibson (The Miracle of Father Stu, Die Again), Nestor Carbonell, Olivia d’Abo, Haley Webb, Swen Temmel Y Claire Bronson. The film has been released in Spain by the hand of YouPlanet on November 18, 2022.

A heist story based on true events

The perfect mugger is a classic heist movie that uses humor as an alibi so that the viewer gets carried away by a story where amorality and cheekiness predominate. The plot is quite faithfully inspired by the true story of the bank robber gilbert galvan (Josh Duhamel), nicknamed “The Flying Bandit” (“The Flying Bandit”) as he was a regular user of the airline Air Canada with which he made “business trips” that served him to move to the cities where he committed his robberies and, incidentally , thus cheating on his wife Janice Whiteman, renamed Andrea in the film (Elisha Cutbert), that until the moment of the arrest she never found out the true criminal activity carried out by her husband, another “man with a thousand faces” or with thousands of disguises, since to mislead the police in each robbery he used to wear wigs, mustaches and false noses.

Beyond a couple of invented or fictionalized details in pursuit of a better dramatization of the events that take place throughout the story, almost everything we see in the film really happened, including some almost surreal detail that the director underlines horny way by putting signs that reaffirm it. The main characters in the film also existed, whether the robber, his wife, the policemen who chased him or the jewelry expert mobster, are inspired by real people, although some of them have had their names changed. In fact, his own gilbert galvancurrently at large, gave the go-ahead for the making of the film, enjoying the new notoriety that seeing his story on the big screen would bring him.

Hero or villain?

The point of view you have The perfect mugger He is very benevolent with the figure of the thief, a man who perpetrated up to 59 bank and jewelry store robberies throughout Canadian territory, yes, without ever firing a weapon or causing any casualties during his assaults. That is where the ethical debate arises as to whether it is lawful to rob large corporations that profit from the misery or need of their clients, turning galvan in the real hero of the function. Unfortunately, it is a perverse contrast that we see around us with financial institutions that achieve astronomical economic benefits while evictions due to non-payment of mortgages increase and ordinary people suffer to make ends meet stretching salaries that grow below the inflation.

Although all of this sounds very topical, in reality, the film is set during the 1980s, with ronald reagan as President of the United States, at a time of economic recession and great social advances. That is where the hilarious scene in which Tommy Craig «Fat Man», renamed Tommy Kay (Mel Gibson), makes a joking comparison of the music from before that was made by people like sinatra with that of a fashionable group as it was Culture Club. The theme of social injustice is highlighted through the foster home where Andrea works and the scarcity of employment that becomes the definitive incentive for the protagonist to dare to commit a crime for the first time. An excuse that will not work for later when she gets used to maintaining a social status, she no longer steals out of necessity but to pay for her luxuries.

a light entertainment

It is there where the moral discourse given off by the film grates and it is difficult to justify the twinning of galvan with the criminal who in the film runs a club striptease. Through this strange alliance, the risk will increase for a white-collar thief who will diversify his behavior by adding jewelry stores to his sights and acting with other people in robberies who are less methodical than him. It was precisely one of them who would end up leading him to perdition by forgetting his weapon during an assault, a detail that would serve as a definitive clue for the police to discover the entire criminal network.

The perfect mugger it is a light and entertaining film that is seen with the same ease with which we will probably forget it. Director Allan Ungar He does dynamic work whose strong points are editing and a light-hearted humor that takes the heat out of the matter to turn the crime of robbery into a rebellion against the system and an adrenaline-fueled adventure. The good performances of the cast headed by Josh Duhamel (I see him too old for the character), Elisha Cutbert Y Mel Gibsonadd spice to a story that, on the other hand, brings little new to the heist subgenre.

What do you think of the movie?

The perfect mugger

The perfect mugger

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