The mandatory changes that Club América will make for the second leg against Puebla

Friday, May 13, 2022

Beyond having achieved the draw against Puebla on the Going of the Quarter finals of the Shout X Peace Tournament Closing 2022to the America club it did not go well for him, because he will lose for the remainder of the Big party a Federico Vinaswho suffered a cut on his foot, product of a strong entry of Emmanuel Gulartemoreover, it is very probable that it cannot count towards the Lap with Richard Sanchezwho was also injured.

This situation would force Ferdinand Ortiz to modify its starting eleven. Instead of Federico Viñas, (who had already earned the trust of ‘Tano’), Henry Martín would enter, while Pedro Aquino would take the place of Richard Sánchez, who had established himself within the eleven of the Argentine strategist, so these casualties begin to cause concern in the nest of Coapa.

It is worth mentioning that the First Leg of the Quarterfinals of the Girta X la Paz Clauaura 2022 Tournament was surrounded by arbitration controversies, which were carried out byLuis Enrique Santanderwho let the foul pass within the area of ​​the Strip on Federico Viñas, which deserved the red card for Emanuel Gularte, therefore the maximum penalty in favor of our team.

When will the Vuelta take place?

Remember that the Vuelta of the Quarterfinals between América and Puebla will take place this Saturday, May 14, on the pitch of the historic Azteca Stadium at 6:00 p.m., downtown time. Mexicowhere Fernando Ortiz’s pupils arrive with an advantage for being better positioned in the general table, taking into account when the away goal stopped counting since last semester.

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