The map of GTA VI leaked by a patent

After the overwhelming success achieved by Grand Theft Auto V, which has resulted in the arrival of the title on three different generations of consoles, it has caused the sixth installment of the saga to be awaited by users like rain in May. Despite the fact that Rockstar Games recently confirmed that it was working on GTA VI, rumors about the new installment have not stopped circulating in recent months.

In the absence of official news from Rockstar, leaks about the title appear continuously on the network. Now it’s been the map of GTA VI which seems to have been leaked in details shared by a Reddit user in the last few hours.

The map of GTA VI filtered in detail

The map of GTA VI filtered in detail

The user, named CoryLVV created the post talking about a patent created by Take-Two, which seemed to point towards the possibility that the GTA VI map was insanely large. According to this patent, the game would have a system capable of changing players from one section of the map to another without experiencing any loading screen.

Guy A. Fortt confirms his presence in GTA VI, anticipating that something very special is coming, GTA VI trailer on the way?

Additionally, the patent also notes that there would be massive areas for players to explore. Although this was well-received by users, there were others who did not see this patent as something positive, as some feared the implications of meeting dozens of players in multiple interconnected areas.

Be that as it may, for now, There are no official details about the map of GTA VI or if the patent registered by Take-Two will translate into something real in the new installment of the franchise. Therefore, for now, we can only wait to see if any of this ends up becoming a reality.

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