The Mapei flower bed was inaugurated in Viale Jenner in Milan


A section of the central reservation has become a small green corner with a gushing fountain.

As announced last November, thanks to the intervention of Mapei, on a project by the landscape architect Franco Giorgetta, the transformation of the central space of the Milanese avenue on which the headquarters of the Milanese multinational stands, near Piazzale Maciachini, has been completed.

The project is part of the initiative of the Municipality of Milan “ Care and adopts the Public Green ”, which sees the collaboration between public and private individuals to keep Milan more beautiful and green.

“ We are very proud to have carried out this redevelopment project that we wish to dedicate to our Giorgio and Adriana Squinzi who had strongly wanted it – commented Veronica Squinzi, Mapei’s CEO -. We learned from them that the company must have an active role within the community. We are very close to Milan, the city that saw us born and grow up. Contributing to its maintenance and embellishment is for us a small, albeit significant, gesture of participation and sharing. We thank the Administration for giving us the opportunity to do so with this wonderful social responsibility initiative ”.

“ We thank the Squinzi family for proposing an intervention that regenerates a stretch of Viale Jenner crossed every day by many Milanese – declares, in turn, the Councilor for Urban Planning and Green Pierfrancesco Maran -. With the elimination of the aqueduct system, we wanted to restore aesthetic and environmental quality to the parterre, and the project that we inaugurate today fully satisfies this need, demonstrating once again how the synergy between public and private is fundamental for the care of the city “.


Designed by the landscape architect Franco Giorgetta, built by the Peverelli company, the space of about 700 square meters, for years occupied by technical systems and parking lots, is now a pleasant green area, characterized by plant species that are well suited to the shaded area of plane trees. It was created following a geometric design formed by a series of triangular and trapezoidal figures of different colors obtained through the use of grasses and lawns of different and contrasting colors.

Along the edges, in the spaces that intersperse the existing plane trees, leafy and long-stemmed grasses have been inserted such as Pennisetum alopecuroidesmiscanthus sinensis, while a row of fescue glauca has been planted at the head.

A vertical gushing fountain, installed on a triangular platform made with the Mapei Color Paving architectural concrete flooring system, and some very brightly colored flowering magnolias complete the picture.

“ It was a challenge, but we managed to make this parking lot flourish – commented architect Giorgetta -. We hope that these always moving jets, the colors of the flowers, and the soft movement of the long spikes of the herbs, can attract a moment of attention, and give a smile to passers-by ”.



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