The Marathón and Real España players are already at the Olympic stadium for the first leg semifinal


6:07PM: Soon both teams will jump onto the field to carry out their respective warm-up exercises.

6:03PM: Fans continue to enter the Olympic stadium. Greens are local tonight. Ticket prices are: 150 Lempiras in sol // Chair: L.300 // Box: L.500

5:53PM: Little more than an hour for the start of the San Pedro Sula classic.

5:44 PM: The Marathón soccer players go out to see how the Olympic grass is.

5:40 PM: The beauty of San Pedro Sula says present for the party of the semifinals of the National League.

5:34 PM: The Marathón players are already in the stadium and hope to get a victory in this first leg game against Real España. The aurinegra template is also already installed.

5:26PM: The first fans begin to arrive at the San Pedro Sula Olympic Stadium.

5:20PM: Starting at 5:00 in the afternoon, the gates of the San Pedro Sula Olympic Stadium were opened.

5:15 PM: Welcome to the minute by minute of the match between Marathón and Real España for the first leg of the Clausura 2022 tournament semifinals of the National League.

————————————————– ———————–

If there is a party that raises passions in recent times, it is the classic sampedrano. Regardless of the moment each team lives, it has always been an attractive game, with many goals, controversies and lately very even.

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Tonight (7:06 p.m.) Olympic Stadium he becomes the monster’s best ally again. Manuel Keosseian he forgot about the house they built for the beloved green team and prefers to rent the metropolitan colossus because he feels more comfortable. And he’s right, they’ve won the last four games they’ve played there.

The machine has been stopped in the last two weeks, Hector Vargas he’s been oiling the engine, putting grease on every part to keep it running at its capacity. After the braking of the streaks at the end of the laps, today they meet a dangerous enemy, one that will not forgive and arrives in full physical form.

marathon eliminated with category Victory. He bowed the Metropolitano sampedrano where he found in Juan Vieira Y mario martinezto two endowed with the technique that put their trade so that Luke Bell, edwin solani and the young man Odin Ramos, they acted as matadors who ended the dream of the ceibeños. On the way back it was pure formality.

Royal Spain arrives with Ramiro Rocca (scorer of the tournament with 10 goals) already recovered. The aurinegro team was the best of the laps, but the two-way series are so dangerous that in an oversight, anything can happen. If there is an enemy that can harm professors, it is the marathon of Manolo who already knows how to eliminate it.


Marathon: Denovan Torres, Luis Garrido, Allans Vargas, Braian Molina, José Aguilera, Isaac Castillo, Reinieri Mayorquín, Mario Martínez, Juan Vieyra, Lucas Campana and Edwin Solani.

DT Manuel Keosseian

Royal Spain: Luis López, Kevin Álvarez, Getsel Montes, Devron García, Franklin Flores, Mayron Flores, Gerson Chávez, Jhow Benavídez, Carlos Mejía, Júnior Lacayo and Ramiro Rocca.

DT Hector Vargas


Marathon vs. Royal Spain

Time: 7.06 p.m.

Olympic Stadium

Referee: Selvin Brown

Broadcast: Channel 11


In the last 17 games that have been played, Marathón has won 9, Real España won 4 and there are 4 draws.


In the case of ties in points and goals, the winner of the semifinal will be determined by the position in the table, in this case Real España and Olimpia are the beneficiaries.

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