The market and the accounts without the host: Vlahovic has clear ideas. And Fiorentina?

The intention of the Serbian center forward to stay in Florence until June is now clear. How will Fiorentina move?

Heads, feet and goals in Florence. With a dream in the drawer, Europe, and a great desire to continue growing. The rest in due time. This in a nutshell the Vlahovic thought reaffirmed last Saturday with the exultation after the final 4-2 goal at Milan. A position, that of the Serbian striker, that the viola club will have to consider in the context of market strategies. Whether short or long-range, little changes: it is not possible to deal without the host in today’s football. And the host, in this, is Vlahovic himself, focused more than ever on the here and now. At most on the here and shortly thereafter, no further. Because It is now clear to everyone the will of the center forward to give his best in the purple jersey until June, covering your ears if winter offers arise.

A “problem”, if we want to call it that, all economic: if it is true that on the one hand Fiorentina would be in June in theuncomfortable position of having to get the most out of the sale of a player who is so strong but with only one year of contract, on the other hand to have on his side Vlahovic’s hunger, competitive fury, leadership and goals could prove to be the deciding factor in the purple tender offer to the noble areas of the ranking. Not to mention that replacing an element of the Serbian’s caliber would certainly be a less complicated undertaking in the summer than in January. So, how will Fiorentina move in the face of the player’s will? The situation remains fluid, but the return of Commisso – expected in the next few days in Italy – could help to clarify.

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