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By Gian Franco Gil

The novel about the fate of Yulieski Gurriel for the next season of the Major Leagues continues to add chapters, while the Cuban player prepares at the “Piña Power” academy, run by his older brother Yunieski.

There were two teams that showed interest in the experienced Caribbean player during the last days: Miami Marlins and Minnesota Twins, according to reports from journalists specialized in the subject such as Mark Fersaind, Brian Mctaggart and Ken Rosental, the first two from and the latest from the prestigious magazine The Athletic.

Faced with the possible arrival of Gurriel to another franchise in the Big Top, the Houston Astros, a team with which he spent seven seasons and won two World Series titles, tried to relaunch their candidacy for the first baseman or at least showed respect for an admired figure. among the fans of the «Space City».

“There is no one who loves Yuli more than us, myself, Jim (Crane), Dusty (Baker), everyone. He’s just trying to find the right fit for the club. He is a big part of our success here. We will continue to monitor this situation”, Brian Mctaggart shared on his Twitter account the words of Jeff Bagwell, a member of the main office of the assemblage.

However, a new contract with Houston would see Yulieski assume secondary roster spots, given the presence of a solid infield, Yordan Álvarez as a potential pinch hitter, and the imminent start of José Abreu, who joined from the Chicago White Sox this offseason. from MLB.

Meanwhile, with Luis Arráez in Miami, the first base position is up in the air in Minnesota. In addition to that, it is thought that the Venezuelan will move to second base (moving Jazz Chisholm Jr. to center field), with this they would leave a place for the champion with Houston Astros to help in first base. Of course, without going over Garrett Cooper, who is the starter on the team, with whom the Cuban would alternate.

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