The Marseillais: Maddy accused of wanting to look too much like Rihanna!

On social networks, a subscriber of Maddy Burciaga (Les Marseillais) accused her of wanting to do like Rihanna with her pregnancy!

A few weeks ago djébel, Maddy (Les Marseillais) announced very good news to her fans. For the first time, she has . A new life is offered for Benjamin Samat and his darling.

Maddy Burciaga (Les Marseillais) pregnant with her first child

On her Instagram account, Maddy (Les Marseillais) announced to her fans that she was pregnant with Benjamin Samat. After having formalized, the two therefore decided to take the next step: to start a family.

It is for this reason that Benjamin Samat and Maddy decided to . During an episode of the Marseillais in Mexico, the young man announced that he would not return.

A real shock for Maeva Ghennam in particular who did not expect it at all. But now, the pretty brunette is happy for the one she considers her “brother”. A new baby will come to enlarge the family.

Since announcing that she is expecting a baby, Maddy has been revealing numerous photos of her baby bump. This Saturday, April 30, the beauty shared a new photo on her Instagram account where she showed off her belly.

Maddy Burciaga (Les Marseillais) also posed with a sports set revealing her baby bump. In the caption of her Instagram photo, she wrote: “It pushes inside”.

Now at 18 SA, the reality TV candidate is very happy to see her body evolve as the days go by. On the other hand, several haters did not hesitate to criticize the future mother.

Maddy Burciaga accused of wanting to do like Rihanna

Some have accused Maddy (Les Marseillais) of putting her baby bump too much forward. A subscriber also swung: “We will be entitled to a photo of you pregnant every day? A bit like Rihanna that’s it ? ».

Another then wrote to Maddy (Les Marseillais): “Fortunately she’s pregnant, we don’t know what she would post! ». A few days ago, the main interested party had already responded to all these remarks.

On her social networks, she had also swung: “You really make me laugh too much under the Insta comments. ‘You force with your camber. We figured out you were pregnant. But in fact if you understood, so much the better! ».

The Marseillais candidate in Mexico added: “Because if you get tired of writing under all my future photos of pregnant women that I arch and force with my belly. Already, I do not understand ».

“Because these people criticize. But they sleep on my profile. I am so happy. I am expecting a baby. My belly is rounding up. I had a very flat stomach. Maybe there he is still not very big ».

Maddy (Les Marseillais) had also concluded: “I must say that I am at the beginning. And I yearn to have the big bidou. And take pictures for you. You will not be ready there. It will no longer be camber. I prefer to warn you ».

One thing is certain, the young woman totally laughs at the critics about her!

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