“The mayor’s problem is his partners in the project,” says Iu.

“The mayor’s problem is his partners in the project,” says Iu.

The street plan should be painted green and the “soleron” should be more of a park and equipment area than a new urban structure with high-rise housing blocks, an option for the future that was proposed in the last election. The infographics were changed during the campaign. Starting with current mayor and then Forum candidate, Carmen Morrion. Now the time has come to move from election promises to reality and Morione seems to be getting more support for this idea from outside rather than from within his own government team. The PP and Vox within the corporation are most reluctant to this change in the urban design of the road scheme. For the PP, residential uses are “necessary” to cover a part of the costs which in the latest amounts exceed 800 million euros and for Vox it is also important to know that “Gijón al Norte” – the owner of the land – will further What to think before moving without any project changes.

“The mayor’s problem is his partners in the project,” says Iu.

In this scenario, Morion received the greatest support yesterday from the principality and municipal group of IU. “Our proposal for Solaron is clear and, it is true, it matches the proposal now proposed by the mayor, at least the one he proposed during the campaign. In both Gijón and Asturias he will have an ally in IU So that Solaron can be consolidated as a green area and created a big lung for the entire city. We are committed to a park that will have municipal facilities including some sports,” IU municipal spokesperson , Javier Suarez Lana indicated yesterday.

“The mayor’s problem is his partners in the project,” says Iu.

And after raising the hand, a slap on the wrist. “The mayor’s problems with his project will come not from IU but from his government partners, who are trapped in an era of brick and mortar urban speculation. It is a shame that the mayor did not think about this when deciding where to build Gijón’s Who will join the council El Norte”, Suárez Llana ironically recalled that the previous representation on the city council in the society of road planning consisted of the opposition, especially Ciudadanos and the PP, which had the same number of councilors as the PSOE and the IU from the government. Were. In the new organization, the positions are distributed among Forum, PP and Vox: three parties that support the government team through their municipal spokespeople.

Searching for compromises, mainly within local government, after a meeting with the Principality’s President, Adrien Barbon, the Mayor appeared cautious and refrained from demanding 100% compliance with the Forum’s proposal, which created a green corridor across the entire region. Street planning with sports facilities, playgrounds, bike paths or various buildings integrated into parks for municipal and neighborhood use.

“It appears that the Mayor is beginning to backtrack on her campaign promise to maintain full access to the park in Solaran; this is not the first promise she has broken, after all she is governing with Vox. We strongly defend continue to do parks because Zixón “needs green areas,” reflected Olaya Suárez, the Podemos councilor yesterday. The electoral proposal for this space in the city center was summarized in its program “Public Space Defending “El Solaron” as such, abandoning any private initiative for profit, giving preference to green areas and public buildings that are friendly and integrated with the environment. Rest of the city.

His analysis of Morion’s meeting with Barbon helped to prove to the mayor of Purple Formation Naval Gijón’s commitment to the blue economy and hopefully help Barbon’s mediation not delay this important project beyond the current mandate. Will help.

The mayor’s proposal to the President of the Principality that the Museum of Fine Arts would contribute materials to the future Tabacalera did not please Podemos or IU. Olaya Suarez said, “We are surprised that there is talk of material for Tabacalera when there is still no plan for use.” While IU’s Javier Suarez Lanana is not convinced about making Tabacalera “a mix between Botin Center and Fine Arts II”. Gijon needs something else.

The Municipal Group of the PSOE analyzed the outcome of the meeting between Morion and Barbon from the point of view of the President of the Principality himself. “As the President said this morning in Gijón (yesterday), the meeting should be understood as part of the necessary institutional cooperation between different administrations and the clear commitment of the Government of Asturias to our city,” said councilor Carmen Eva Pérez. In its election proposal for the Freedom Train Garden, the PSOE defended a municipal center integrated with neighbourhoods, cultural and sports spaces.


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