The meaning of the name of Keanu Reeves: crazy origins


Canadian actor Keanu Reeves has a very special name: the origins are linked to his family and the meaning is really crazy!

Keanu Reeves name
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Keanu Reeves returns to television this evening, Wednesday 12 May, on Italy 1 cot the second chapter of the beloved John Wick saga. After the events of the first film, John is ready to enjoy his retirement and leave the world of crime for good. But unfortunately, there is still something that binds him to his past and that will force him back into action to save himself. Our cast is also present within the cast Riccardo Scamarcio who plays the role of John’s antagonist, the boss Santino D’Antonio.

The film, like the first film, has been a huge success both by critics and with the public, coming to cash nearly 170 million dollars. Once again Keanu Reeves proved perfect for the role, managing to perfectly interpret the ruthless John Wick. The actor, who is a real transformer in Hollywood, has very particular origins that perfectly reflect his first name. Do you know what Keanu means? Let’s find out together!

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The meaning of the name of Keanu Reeves

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What does the name of Keanu Reeves mean? (Getty Images)

In the last century, many people have emigrated in search of fortune from the Old Continent to America. In this way, many different ethnic groups and cultures have merged, enriching each other. This is the case with Keanu Reeves: despite being Canadian, his origins are very varied! Born in Lebanon, his father, an American geologist, has English, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, French and even Hawaiian roots! The mother, on the other hand, was originally from England, precisely of Essex.


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The name sound is an abbreviation for Keaweaheulu which in Hawaiian literally means light breeze that rises from the sea towards the mountains. Keanu was named after his great-great-grandfather. The name, very particular and exotic, at first it was not used by the actor in Hollywood because too far from American culture, as suggested by his agent, calling himself only CK Reeves.



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