The Medicine degree, a new challenge

Antonio Rodríguez, Rector of the Fernando Pessoa Canarias University. / cover

The academic center, located in Santa María de Guía, incorporates this new degree in September “with tremendous enthusiasm”

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The Fernando Pessoa Canarias University, located in Santa María de Guía, will offer a new degree, the Medicine degree, starting next September. Since its inception in 2015, this academic center has grown in a quality educational model, which is why it assumes the
commitment to constant improvement based on the joint work of teaching and research, which allows a university education tending to academic excellence. The objective has been to create a university community where the university-society relationship does not have distance, offering personalized and comprehensive training that attends both to professional education and to human values ​​and the needs of society.

Currently, the university has 1,400 students and at a time “of full maturity”, as Antonio Rodríguez, rector of the Fernando Pessoa Canarias University, points out, from September it will teach the degree of Medicine,
with a total of 50 seats.

«Teaching the Medicine degree means expanding and complementing the number of current degrees, at a very good time for the Fernando Pessoa Canarias University. We are very excited to face this new challenge and
We already have everything ready to start the first course in September of the Degree in Medicine, which will consist of six years”, highlights the rector.

With the offer of this degree in Medicine,
The Fernando Pessoa Canarias University continues to consolidate in Health Sciences, since for years it has also offered other degrees such as Nursing, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Human Nutrition and Dietetics, and Psychology. The double degree in Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy is also offered, in addition to the double degree in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication, the only one that moves away from the health branch. On the other hand, the Fernando Pessoa University also offers two master’s degrees: General Health Psychology and Health Management; and a PhD program in Translational Research in Immunity and Cancer.

The Fernando Pessoa Canary Islands University
has been permeating in society over the years and this social transfer is reflected in a series of agreements with the Commonwealth of the North and different municipalities, in their areas of social services, offering, for example, dental care or different treatments to people who need it.

Antonio Rodríguez, rector of the University, revealed that there could be upcoming news, in a matter of new titles, in a short time. Now everything has been finalized, in terms of teaching staff, to start the Medicine degree in September, which will be taught in the new building of the University Campus, a work that will be inaugurated at the end of this month of January.

The Fernando Pessoa Canarias University continues to grow and firmly looks to the future, projecting new degrees and quality academic training, in model facilities.

New Campus building. /


The Fernando Pessoa Canary Islands University
it expands its facilities and at the end of this month of January it will inaugurate the new building of the University Campus. New classrooms, laboratories and an Auditorium will expand the offer of a center with exemplary facilities located in the municipality of Santa María de Guía. The new building, next to the current one and connected inside, will cover the new degrees that the Fernando Pessoa Canarias University will offer, including the new degree in Medicine that will begin in September.

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