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The arrival of spring brings us a new haircut that feel good to all. If you adore medium length hair in all its versions but, at the same time, you love long haircuts, you are lucky because this fashionable cut in 2023 is just what you are looking for. Commonly known as long bob or “the lob” (long+bob), has a length that falls exactly between the chin and the clavicle, Hence, it is practical, versatile, flattering and rejuvenating. It’s no wonder it’s a hit with celebrities!

What is the long bob haircut

As its name suggests, the long bob is a natural evolution of the classic bob haircut. In fact, as it makes clear Conchi Ariasfounder of Curlyhair Fieldsin Granada, “it’s a longer style than the traditional bob and usually reaches the height of the shoulders. If we have curly hair, we will cut a little lower so that when the curl shrinks we have the desired length.”

Who favors the long bob haircut

“It’s a very versatile style that We can adapt to all kinds of faces and tastes, for example, by layering or adding bangs. It especially favors oval, heart-shaped and square faces, because it softens and balances them “says the expert, to which she adds” it also gives us a feeling of thicker hair with movementgiving us freshness and a younger image”.

“The ‘lob’ cut makes the hair look fuller and looks very healthy”explains celebrity stylist, Matt Fugate. “In addition, this cut flatters and helps to frame the face”he concludes.

Matt also points out that the length of the classic long bob creates a silhouette that suits all types of faces and also makes it a most versatile haircut, within its different styles, because there are, and many. While Mila Kunis seems to prefer the completely straight cut, Selena Gomez’s ‘lob’ becomes the main source of inspiration for all those who love a hairstyle with waves and volume. For her part, stylist Laura Polko opts for a straight style in this type of cut or with volume at the top. The options are basically endless.

The 24 favorite long bob haircuts of the famous

we bring you 24 long bob hairstyles that celebrities have worn and that they will become your main source of inspiration when you go to the hairdresser.

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