the message sent by a Guatemalan survivor of the tragedy in Texas to her sister

A young Guatemalan escaped suffocation along with 51 other migrants, including at least 7 from Guatemala, who were abandoned in a trailer in San Antonio, Texas, and after several days he managed to contact his sister in the United States, and tell her that he is fine.

Esmeralda, is a Guatemalan migrant who lives in the United States, is the sister of the young woman who survived the tragedy in Texas, and was contacted by the chain Telemundo where counted how he found out that his relative was among the people who were in the trailer.

The Guatemalan, identified only as Esmeralda, said that her sister traveled to the United States, and during her journey she sent her messages via WhatsApp to inform her how the journey was going.

She said that she received the last message when her sister was in Laredo, Texas, which said that she was fine and that they were going to leave, that they were going to take away their phone, but that she would call them as soon as she could.

He finds out he was in the Texas trailer

Esmeralda explained that on June 28 the person who crossed her sister from Guatemala to Mexico confirmed that she was in the truck in which the 51 migrants died.

“He told me: ‘I’m sorry, she was there in that trailer.’ I never thought that this was going to happen and twice she confirmed it to me, “said Esmeralda.

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She is alive

He said that he suffered the anguish of thinking that his sister was among the victims, but then he received a call that changed everything, because a person told him that his sister had been rescued.

Esmeralda said one person told her, “I rescued your sister, and she’s fine.”

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He added that his happiness was greater when he heard his sister’s voice, who told him: “I escaped and I’m fine.”

He recalled that those were the only words his sister said to him and that at the moment he does not know where she is, who has her or if she needs medical attention.

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“I don’t know her state of health, how she is, I only know that she escaped,” commented Esmeralda, who also thanked the person who rescued her sister and says that she longs to be able to hug her again and that God gives her the opportunity to meet her and be fine.

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