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They all have a double. Although sometimes celebrity twins can be found in another country. Such is the case of Tom Holland, Zendaya and the actors of ‘Spider-Man: No way home’, who found their doubles in Mexico.

There is a theory that everyone in the world has a double. In Hollywood we can find Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard, Bill Skarsgård and Steve Buscemi, or Amy Adams and Isla Fisher. Although it can also happen to ordinary people to find resemblance to a star. This is the case of Mexicans who look like Tom Holland, zendaya and the cast of Spider-Man: No Way Home. They are the confirmation that the multiverse is real and it is more absurd than you thought.

Thomas Hi

In the national version, the actor from The devil at all hours would be called Tomás Hello. The Mexican looks very similar to Tom, so much so that he could be his double, not only in the following installments of the arachnid superhero in spider-man 4 but also in any other action tape. We hope that the protagonist of Uncharted: Off the Map know that in Mexico you can find your lost brother.

Andrew Hook

Andrew Garfield surprised everyone by returning to the Marvel movie to fight hand in hand with other Peter Parkers. In Mexico, the actor of Tick, tick…Boom! would be known as Andrew Hook. We might even think that Andrés is a younger version of the British actor and could well replace Andrew in a travel-in-the-past-style movie. Matter of time and forget about special effects for a while.

Tobias Maguey

Although they are not exactly identical, Toby Maguire also has his doppelganger in Mexico called Tobías Maguey. In case Tobey were to put on the suit again spider-man, the Mexican could participate by doing the scenes of the past, although he would need a little help from the tricks of the production team. Of course, the actor soul of heroes I could ask their Mexican version for anything.


The multiverse does exist and proof of this is the Mexican version of the actress from Euphoria called sandal. The Mexican could well pose as Zendaya’s sister or cousin, although she could also appear to record the scenes of the following tapes of her as dune 2, challengers either Megalopolisin case the actress is a bit lazy and doesn’t want to go to work.

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