The MOBA Pokémon has crowned its new world champions: let’s meet them

Due to its 5v5 format, the MOBA of the Pokémon world is always the first to crown its champions during the world’s biggest Portable Monsters esports championships. The prize pool at stake for these world championships was 500 thousand dollars and 100,000 will go to the pockets of the winning team. The European teams struggled a lot in this championship, the EUCS champions, the Talibobo Believers (the only team with an Italian player), failed to reach the playoffs and fell to 00 Nation.

All eyes were on Luminosoty Gaming, the reigning champions and the unstoppable force of UNITE. His strategy hasn’t strayed too far from the meta that has been cemented in recent months and sees Trevenent, Zoroark, and Hoopa as go-to options when Alolan Ninetales isn’t available. In the semifinals, their landslide win in the winners category against Omo Abyssinian definitively belied the feasibility of fielding too many evolutions. accompanied by a blastoisewho is reconfirmed once again as an indispensable character in the most hectic moments but whose synergies remain difficult to exploit.

In the final, Luminosity Gaming faced the Omo Abyssinians again after a titanic rise from the losers bracket that saw them almost fall victim to the other teams on at least a couple of occasions. Compared to last year, there was a lot more variety in the final matches, which shows the balance work done by the developers. We’ve seen great plays with Inteleon and Lapras builds that have made him a true force of nature. Slowbro had great moments. as a counter to Blissey, a character who was a plague on all teams if he wasn’t banned. One of the matches that kept everyone on the edge of their seats, then it was the weaker final in which Omo Abyssinian regained a place in the final against the Japanese Oyatsumi Makuro. The home crowd really made their voices heard, but Japan had to settle for third place at the Pokémon UNITE World Championships.

The grand finale saw the immediate ban on Hoopa and Lapras while in game one Umbreon and Inteleon took the field for full Luminosity with Zacian while the Abyssinians embraced the target fully with Leafeon, Trevenant, Clefable and Blastoise. The real star of the first game, however, was Overlord Zoroark which brought lightness to many kills which, however, almost never resulted in a teamfight win. In fact, during the first game, Luminosity looked extremely out of shape because they couldn’t win a single battle, but their long-term strategy paid off as by always keeping the handicap low and conquering Rayquaza they managed to get their first win.

Naturally, in game two, the Abyssinians banned Zoroark, while Luminosity kept Lapras out of reach of their opponents. Luminosity’s roster still had Umbreon and Inteleon at its core, while his opponents went with Trevenant and Hoopa. The Abyssinian strategy was to be quick and efficient, especially against the god-chosen Luminosity. pokemon from the last game like Blastoise and Venosaur. The Americans, however, were good enough not to give their opponents a big enough lead to break them, going all-in, again, on Rayquaza and nearly doubling their opponents’ points by the time the final screen came and Luminosity went up to 2-0.

Game 3 saw Lapras and Hoopa get banned again when Luminosity brought in Mew, to which the Abyssinians countered with a Talonflame, a rarity in this tournament. Unfortunately, the unusual choice of the Abyssinians did not help them in the third game. Luminosity has grown impatient and hungry., he chose aggression and went straight for the opponents throat. and in the first 5 minutes they already had an advantage of 200 points. The rest of the game was a real massacre, the Abyssinians collapsed after an incredible comeback in the weakest group that will surely make them remember. However, the spotlight and place in the story fell squarely on Luminosity, who, for the second year in a row, won the title of Pokémon UNITE World Champion. In addition, you also have to take a look at his performance throughout the entire tournament: only one loss in the entire match, an achievement that the next title contenders will have a hard time matching.

At the end of the final the champions said to us: “Two years in a row?! Yesssss please,” said Overlord. “We only lost one game but we were always careful, even when we won relatively easily,” continued the DPS king of this tournament. “This year’s season has been up and down,” Kyriaos said, “some didn’t believe in us, sometimes we didn’t believe in ourselves, but we managed to win by staying cohesive and coordinated.” “Lapras was the key to a lot of our wins, he got penalized in the final, but our consistency got us where we wanted to be, back to the top of the world,” Slash said. Rhinne had the honor of the final greeting in which he wanted to thank the fans who, even here in Japan, came to support the American team: “Without you we would not be here, I love you very much, thank you for everything.” your support”.

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