the moment a $2 million luxury car is swept away in Florida

Hurricane Ian made landfall last Wednesday, September 28, in southeastern Florida and It has left several pieces of debris in its wake.

Houses, vehicles and people have been affected by the strong winds and torrential rains registered in Florida as a result of this meteorological phenomenon, which is classified as a category 4 hurricane.

One of the ravages caused by Hurricane Ian that attracted the most attention and quickly went viral on social networks was eWhat happened to a McLaren P1, a vehicle valued at US$2 million.

In social networks began to circulate the images of this luxurious sports car covered by water after being swept away by strong currents caused by the arrival of Hurricane Ian in southeast Florida.

According to the owner of the vehicle, the force of the water took this McLaren P1 out of its garage and dragged it several meters down a street in the city of Naples.

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It also revealed that had bought this expensive car just weeks ago and currently only has approximately 500 kilometers traveled.

After images of his vehicle circulated on the internet, The owner of the McLaren P1 shared a photograph of the moment his garage began to flood due to the passage of the Hurricane Ian, which received hundreds of comments lamenting what happened.

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Losses in Florida due to the passage of Hurricane Ian

According to the latest estimate from a property analysis company, Hurricane Ian could have caused up to $47 billion in insured lossesa situation that would make it the costliest natural disaster in Florida history.

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These estimates range from $22 billion to $32 billion in wind damage and $6 billion to $15 billion in flood damage.

Prior to this natural catastrophe, Hurricane Andrew, which hit South Florida in 1992, had been listed as the costliest tropical cyclone in state history. causing losses estimated at US$26 billion.

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