The moment when Shakira revealed which song was the one she wrote to Osvaldo Ríos

The mystery and speculation is over.

24 years after the album was released “Where are the thieves?” and that he ended his relationship with Osvaldo Riosan interview conducted at the end of the 90s reveals what was really the song that Shakira dedicated to the Puerto Rican actor.

In an interview at the time with the program “Business Shows”, the Colombian spoke a little about the short courtship she had with the Puerto Rican that lasted about eight months.

“I met him, I fell in love, I guess he also fell in love, we fell in love, we had a courtship of approximately eight months and it was over, like everything that goes up comes down,” he revealed with a laugh.

He said of the relationship that it was something good that happened in his life and that it was not something he regretted.

To questions about which song on his album “Where are the thieves?” she dedicated this to the Puerto Rican without hesitation she released the title of the song.

“I did ‘Flies in the house’ for Osvaldo”.

The song is one of Shakira’s most successful ballads and one of her fans’ favorites.

Regarding his relationship with Ríos, he said that he learned a lot from her.

“Learning, of course. Every time I get to know men more, I like them a little bit more because it’s a complicated but interesting nature.”

A few weeks ago Osvaldo Ríos said in the “Casa de los Famosos” that Shakira had dedicated all the songs on the album “Where are the thieves?” to him.

He said that he still keeps the original writing of the songs that the Colombian wrote on some napkins.

“On a napkin with his original lyrics kept in an envelope, he dedicated them all to me. ‘Eyes like that’, ‘Flies in the house’, ‘You’, ‘Ciega, deaf-mute’, I have them all in my own handwriting”, Ríos told his companions who listened attentively to his narration.

He also said that among the lyrics of the song ‘Where are the thieves?’ hides a story that they lived together in Europe.

“It was ‘that they saw us in Paris’, it was that we were together and when we go to take the plane from Paris to Bogotá all the songs are lost, all the songs on that album were lost and one by one he rewrote them all ”, recalled the Puerto Rican.

“For me the prettiest of all was ‘You’. After that I went to Spain and she followed her path, and she became the big star that she is today”, she confessed.

Osvaldo Ríos and Shakira had a short relationship in 1997 when he was 37 years old and she was 20. In a previous conversation in “La Casa de los Famosos” he revealed that they were about to get married and buy a house together, however, he said that he was the one who decided to end it.

“I had a whole world to live, when you love someone it is better to set them free and it is the best proof of love that you can give them,” he assured.

“He had to fly, it was the best thing that happened to him, not to continue with me,” he was honest.

“Where are the thieves?” is Shakira’s fourth studio album and one of her most important in her career. According to estimates, the album sold more than seven million copies worldwide and spawned several hits. It was also recognized by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the 500 best albums in history.

“Deaf and dumb blind”, “You”, “Inevitable”, “I don’t think so”, “Eyes Like That”, “Flies in the House”, “Where Are the Thieves?”, “If You Go” and “Eighth Day” were some of the successes of the album that was released in 1998.

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