The money that Millie Bobby Brown’s engagement ring costs

Actress Millie Bobby Brown

  • At 19 years of age, the actress has become engaged to her boyfriend

  • She has been dating Jon Bon Jovi’s 20-year-old son for years

  • Their wedding commitment was sealed with an expensive diamond

2023 is being a year full of wedding commitments famous. The announcement of the link between Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro was already a real bombshell (and more, when it was revealed through a video clip) and that of Millie Bobby Brown with her boyfriend, Jake Bongiovi, has not fallen short. The young actress, aged 19, announced her future wedding with Jon Bon Jovi’s son, also 20, and her youth has been the focus of multiple comments.

A week ago, the two published a beautiful black and white photography in which they promised eternal love. Millie titled it with the following sentence: “I have enjoyed three of your summers, honey, and now I want them all”, and Jake wrote the word “Forever” with a white heart. Very smiling and in love, they announced an early commitment to her, which they sealed with a tremendous pedrusceither.

Between $75,000 and $150,000

In said photograph, it is not well appreciated how expensive and beautiful the engagement ring of the protagonist of ‘Stranger Things’. But, in a subsequent publication, in which he advertises a coffee brand in a video already in color, it is seen that it is a cushion-cut diamond set in a gold band. Various jewelery experts have estimated how much the alliance could cost and, in an average valuation between the CEO of Diamond Pro and the director of Rare Carat, it could range between $75,000 and $150,000.

For now, it has not been disclosed final wedding date. What is known is when the successful series that brought this young actress to fame, who conquered the entire world with her role as eleven. The fifth season of ‘Stranger Things’ will be published in the year 2024 and, for now, we have already enjoyed the gloomy cover of the season final, in which the eighties group of friends will face each other again with Vecna.

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