The “Monica” cut from Friends is the new “Rachel” for this fall

How to order it in the salon?

It never hurts to take a photo where you can clearly see the cut you want, but you can also make your stylist’s job easier if you ask correctly. The first thing you need to set is the height of the longest and shortest layer. For the fringe, we recommend that you possibly tie it behind your ear. Afterward, ask for some texture so the ends can be combed out.

Another option is to add more layers and leave the last one much longer.

How to comb it?

It’s all in knowing how to accommodate the layers to achieve maximum volume. The trick? Using a dryer to create those split ends and a rebellious and casual style. The best thing to use is a heated brush dryer like the one from Revlon, Drybar or Dyson , but if you don’t have one, all you need is a hair dryer and a round brush. Divide your hair into sections, starting with the area closest to the neck, then with the hair still damp, blow-dry it, concentrating on leaving the ends out. Then move on to the next section and when you get to the fringe, blow-dry it forward to create volume and, with the help of your hands, tuck it back to look amazing.

Dyson Airwrap, Dyson, $15,499, dyson.com.mx

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