The “monster” fell, a Brazilian medical student accused of the abuse of four girls

The capture of Marcos Vitor Aguiar Dantas Pereira

The medical student Marcos Vitor Aguiar Dantas Pereira He appeared to be an exemplary young man. But behind his smile, he hid a dark personality. In November 2022, he was sentenced to 33 years in prison for the sexual abuse of four girls from his family. Before, he escaped to Argentina.

A fugitive since October 2021, he was captured in the last few hours by Interpol’s Federal Division of Fugitives and Extraditions, of the Superintendence of International Police Cooperation of the PFA.

Pereira, 22, is a native of the city of Teresina, in the state of Piauí, Brazil. He is accused of sexually abusing his 3 and 4 year old sisters and two cousins, detailed sources of the case.

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At first, he was denounced by his own family for raping one of his cousins. His aunt’s 12-year-old daughter, She was abused by the defendant from 5 to 10 years old. Later, he was charged for the abuse of his 3 and 9-year-old sisters and a 15-year-old cousin.

He was captured by Interpol in Mar del Plata
He was captured by Interpol in Mar del Plata

The abuses were corroborated by psychologists from the Brazilian judicial court. In fact, it emerged that a video showed how one of the girls described the events for which the young man was accused, the investigators added.

In this context, the Criminal Court No. 5 of Teresina Piaui ordered her international arrest, for which reason Interpol Brazil proceeded to publish a red notice Regarding the medical student.

In this context and with the presumption that the wanted man had escaped to Argentina, the agents of the Federal Investigation Division of Fugitives and Extraditions began an investigation to find his location.

In the first place, it was possible to determine his residence in the city of Buenos Aires, where he worked as an employee of a gastronomic venue located in the Palermo neighborhood, where after inquiries it was noted that he had no longer worked in that place for several months, they indicated.

Without giving up, the detectives expanded the investigation and collected more information. So, they were able to establish his whereabouts in sea ​​of ​​silverwith full occupancy for the summer season.

Pereira was left incommunicado and tied to the extradition process to the Federative Republic of Brazil
Pereira was left incommunicado and tied to the extradition process to the Federative Republic of Brazil

Immediately, the Division formed a team that packed their bags for the spa city. There they deepened the search for the fugitive and managed to find a possible location in the center.

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They were right. Although he had long hair and a thicker beard, they were able to recognize him. Pereira was detained by the agents in the street, in front of the traditional mall Los Gallegos, Located in Rivadavia at 3000.

Regarding the capture, Federal Court No. 3 of Mar del Plata, in charge of Judge Alfredo López, intervened before Secretary No. 8, of Néstor Giudicce. Pereira was left incommunicado and tied to the extradition process to the Federative Republic of Brazil.

Once this arrest has been completed, Interpol carries out the administrative and judicial procedures, through official channels, and through diplomatic channels, with its peers. Brasiliain order to specify the extradition and transfer to that country.

The procedure was carried out with the collaboration of the PFA’s Mar del Plata Federal Operational Unit Division, where the young man convicted of the abuses was also housed.

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