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Rivalry, envy and power games. Everything you need to know about the second season of the drama with Jennifer Aniston that talks about current affairs, without ever trivializing it

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In ten episodes of about an hour each, he starts again the second season of The Morning Show, flagship series of Apple Tv + who has shown that he knows how to narrate in an articulated and convincing way topics that are dear to current events, without ever trivializing them. We are behind the scenes of a morning show by an American generalist broadcaster, inhabited by rivalry, envy and power games.

Where were we? The first season of The Morning Show

We had left the conductors of the transmission – Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell) and Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) – struggling with a sex scandal in full #MeToo wave. Kessler, in fact, is accused by some colleagues of the editorial staff of harassment, ends up in the pillory and from morning to evening he loses everything. Aniston tries to withstand the hurricane by accenting conducting with a new reporter from a local broadcaster (Bradley Jackson aka Reese Witherspoon), to try to rejuvenate the show and give the idea of ​​renewal. The attempt fails, personalisms prevail and Alex also leaves the scene (not before having reported live with Bradley the climate of silence present in the network).

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How the second season of The Morning Show begins. The teaser

After two short scenes of connection with the previous season, the series restarts nine months later, precisely the last day of 2019 (New Year pre-show). Are three months after the outbreak of the pandemic – anticipated by melancholy images of a deserted Manhattan where a drone traverses the streets that delimit Central Park with the background Return to me by Dean Martin – and Bradley, now self-confident blonde-dyed morning conductor, seems to have embraced all the survival logics to emerge in the network. Alex has taken refuge in a luxury cottage in the mountains, where she spends her days chopping wood and writing her memoir, only to be pressured to return to the show. Mitch instead went to pass the buriana in Italy, in a super villa on Lake Como (This setting will not be accidental for the purposes of the pandemic). New balances are about to be established but one thing is certain: the pandemic tale will enter with arrogance in this second season, changing narrative structures and focuses (the production has almost totally rewritten the scripts to adapt the series to the story of the present).

Who made and how the theme song of The Morning Show works

An element that has remained unchanged and always of great effect is the theme song of The Morning Show. It was made by Elastic design studio, formed by Angus Wall and Hazel Baird, who are clearly inspired by the world of graphic design using abstract elements in a symbolic way. On the notes of Nemesis by Benjamin Clementine, we see a group of colored spheres initially fixed in a precise grid and then detach and collide with each other, creating unexpected combinations. All this gives the idea of ​​a hyperkinetic space where the spheres – by extension the characters – struggle to find their own dimension, their own vital space in a closed and too narrow grid. The sphere that controls the game is the black one, the protagonist, of which we follow the trend and the impact it has on the rest.

Where is the second season of The Morning Show set?

The second season of The Morning Show it is mainly divided between New York and Italy – with short forays linked to special services that bring journalists to key points in the country. In fact the series was entirely shot in Los Angeles. The environments have been totally reconstructed – both New York and foreign ones. The cottage in the mountains where Aniston takes refuge at the beginning of the series is rebuilt in the studio (with attached snow in CGI), the villa on Lake Como where we find Carell is actually an old convent in Santa Madre, California while for the Italian exteriors it is been used a drone to shoot the landscape from every angle to then insert the villa in post-production.


How much Italy is on The Morning Show?

In The Morning Show in pandemic sauce there is – slyly – a lot of Italy. All a narrative line – the one linked to Steve Carell’s exile in the Como mansion – is set on the shores of the Lombard lake. Then there is a new all-Italian character played by Valeria Golino. It is the documentarian Paola Lambruschini who intervenes to defend Mitch from a hater on a war footing (“I fought for your right to be a bitch” Golino yells at her effectively). The premises for a love story – or at least a crush – between Carell and Golino seem to be all there. Finally, the Italian touch should not be forgotten music: Go away with me by Paolo Conte is really a touch of class.

What are the themes of The Morning Show?

In this second season of The Morning Show there seems to be a thematic extension to a broader spectrum, which keeps the issues related to the #MeToo scandal but which also brings with it aspects related toracial equality, to the lgbtqi + rights in addition to pandemic theme. It must be said that there have been many recent products that have dealt with the issue of harassment and sexism in different and not always so articulate keys. Just think of two mirror products like The laudest voice (Showtime miniseries starring Russell Crowe) e Bombshell: the voice of scandal (film with Nicole Kidman) who tackle from two opposing perspectives – that of the executioner and that of the victims – the sex scandal that led to the resignation of Fow News CEO Rogers Ailes.

Another example in this sense is the Netflix documentary on the Strauss-Kahn scandal (Chambre 2806: the Dsk affair) on which you will find here an in-depth analysis:

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What are the series set in the journalistic world?

An illustrious forerunner – and perhaps one of the most fitting – of series set in a television editorial office is Newsroom, an Hbo series created by Aaron Sorkin as well as by Sorkin Sports Night himself, centered on a group of authors who work on a sports television program. Similar echoes can also be found in The Wire, in the ramshackle provincial editorial office of After Life, within the walls of the Stamdford Eagle Gazette of A Mom for a Friend (where Rory makes a brief stop for a kind of internship) or in the editorial office of the magazine. fashion mode where she works as an assistant Ugly Betty.

Where have we already seen the protagonists (old and new) of The Morning Show?

The Morning Show is, from the point of view of the cast, a real parade of stars. In addition to the three protagonists – Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell – we find Billy Crudup (Big fish, Too big to fail), Mark Duplass (histrionic talent and, together with his brother, an established face of independent cinema) e Marcia Gay Harden (Mystic River, Pollok). From this second season they make their entrance too Julianna Margulies (first beloved nurse in ER – Doctors on the front line and then a successful lawyer with an attached cheating husband in The good wife), Adam Sandler (The Meyerowitz Stories, Raw diamonds) and our own Valeria Golino (who acted, among others, in the very recent Catholic school, in Human capital by Virzì, in Rain man, alongside Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman, in Lone wolf by Sean Penn, Four Rooms by Quentin Tarantino e Frida)

What are the real American “morning shows”?

Although the best known overseas are the Late Show Americans (one above all, the forgotten one Late Show with David Letterman), it is the morning shows – the entertainment and information containers that are broadcast in the morning – that constitute a fixed point in US television programming (in addition to gathering a large number of viewers). Currently the most followed shows for this time slot – among others – are CBS Mornings conducted by Gayle King, Anthony Mason and Tony Dokoupil, Good Morning America on Abc, Fox & Friends with Ainsley Earhardt, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade and, on the CNN news front, Morning Express with Robin Meade.

What’s the tone of The Morning Show in a line?

“I believe that success in the modern world requires an exhausting, exhausting, endless dance”.


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