The most awkward moment in Jennifer Lawrence’s career


the actress of X Men He remembered a terrible moment that he had to spend at a Hollywood party because of the lack of information he had and, perhaps, a few drinks too many.

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Of the actresses who best tell anecdotes in everything Hollywood, Jennifer Lawrence It must be one of those that takes all the prizes. Every time she has to review some old story in which she was involved, she does it with a level of detail and characterization that it is impossible not to listen to it and laugh from beginning to end. One of the clear examples of this was her passage through the program of Jimmy Fallon where he revealed what was the most awkward moment of his career.

the star of X Men referred to a party Hollywood in which he was in a corner drinking champagne (apparently a little over the top), and a woman approached him wanting to talk about his career. The big problem for Lawrence was that the whole time he was thinking that it was an icon of Hollywood when in fact it wasn’t. It is worth noting that at no time did she make it clear whether the person he spoke with was indeed a celebrity or not.

“My most embarrassing moment was in the year of The Silver Linings (2012), at one of those parties. She was in a corner drinking champagne, an older woman came up to me, she was being very nice and praising me.”started Lawrence. Thus, he explained: “In my head I said, ‘It’s elizabeth taylor‘, who was dead at the time”. the actress of Cleopatra had died a year before but Lawrence assured that “I did not know, I did not know it”.

“I was the whole time: ‘My God! It is elizabeth taylor!’”said the actress of The Hunger Games, before the laughter of Fallon and the entire audience. “He was praising me and I was like, ‘Me? Do not! You! your movies! -That I can’t remember- Your fashion moments! -That I don’t know-‘. I told him, ‘You’re amazing.’ My friend passed by me, I grabbed her and told her: ‘It’s elizabeth taylor‘. And he told me: ‘No, it’s not’ “she recalled totally embarrassed.

+ The Jennifer Lawrence movie that will have its prequel

Although Jennifer Lawrence can be associated with Marvel thanks to his work as Mystic in X Menthe role that changed his career forever was that of Katniss in The Hunger Games. The saga of films inspired by the work of SuzanneCollins He had four movies (the third book was divided into two) and is preparing a prequel that will focus on a character that has already been seen in this franchise: Coriolanus Snow (Donald Sutherland). The film will be titled The Hunger Games: Ballad of Songbirds and Serpents and will be released in November 2023.

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