The most beautiful face that exists is that of Amber Heard, so science says

There is new news about Amber Heard and this time it is not exactly a scandal or legal notification, but a science-related issue. Indeed, although it may seem strange to you, an expert, based on the golden ratiodiscovered that the actress has the face most beautiful that exists, since it almost reaches the perfection of the facial characteristics.

Julian De Silva, of the Center for Advanced Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in London, dedicated to aesthetic restoration, took on the task of tracking down the face that came closest to perfection, based on a Greek calculation known as the “golden ratio”. ”, which has very interesting properties, as it is linked to aesthetic qualities that approach an idea of ​​perfection. In the past, this proportion has already been discovered in geometric figures, in nature, and in works of art.

“The Greeks discovered that proportion occurs everywhere in nature and for thousands of years it was thought to contain the secret formula for the most beautiful faces in the world,” the specialist told an international magazine.

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The proportion equals the figure 1,618. In this way, De Silva, intrigued to find the most perfect face among celebrities, resorted to a technique called facial mapping to achieve his goal, taking into account not only the structure of the face, but also the shape of the chin, the eyes, lips, nose and other less visible facial parts.

This is how he came to the conclusion that Heard was the winning candidate, because of the 1,618, dictated by the golden ratio, she reached up to 91.85% compatibility. But of course, in addition to Amber’s face, Da Silva examined many other famous faces that, perhaps they did not obtain results as precise as Heard’s, but that specific parts of her faces are as perfect as the very Greeks believed.

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This is the case of Kim Kardashian who, according to the expert, has the most perfect eyebrows: Scarlett Johansson has the most beautiful eyes; her best face shape is Rihanna’s; Kate Moss’s forehead has the best proportions; and Emily Ratajkowski’s lips are closer to aesthetic perfection, esteemed by ancient Greek culture.

Photos: El Universal, archive

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“For a long time the Phi ratio of 1,618 was thought to hold the secret of beauty, but now with computer mapping we can calculate how it applies to real women,” he said.

After experimenting with the study of faces, the doctor created a new face, mixing each of the highest rated features of the famous with facial mapping, based on 1, 618. Can you imagine what the result will be?


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