“The most beautiful flower”, the new Netflix series based on the life of a comedian

Comedy project Inspired by the life of actress Michelle Rodriguez.(Netflix)

Productions based on the stories of real-life characters are often loaded with emotion and an aspirational message. This has managed to attract the attention of the public and for this reason more and more projects are betting on the making of biographical feature films (biopics) or bioseries. The premiere is scheduled for next December 7.

Netflix has found in the life of the Mexican comedian Michelle Rodriguez (40 and 20) the inspiration for his new series The most beautiful flower, which seeks in addition to making the public laugh a lot, leaving a message of self-acceptance and self-love. The show stars Esmeralda Soto and will also feature the participation of Michelle herself.

The Mexican comedian has stood out for her talent in comedy.  (Photo: Instagram/@faisirrito)
The Mexican comedian has stood out for her talent in comedy. (Photo: Instagram/@faisirrito)

Curvy, curly-haired and confident, Mich knows she’s a star in the making. Now she just has to convince everyone else in her family, school and social circle to believe it too. The streaming platform detailed through a statement that this program will seek to celebrate the power of being oneself and knowing that one does not need to be physically perfect to achieve a dream.

According to the platform, the story will focus on the challenges and obstacles that the comedian had to overcome from a young age, to finally find professional success. This without having to conform to the canons of beauty that the entertainment industry sometimes requires of its actors.

The actress will return for the sequel to "Mirreyes vs Godinez".  (Prime Video)
The actress will return for the sequel to “Mirreyes vs Godínez”. (Prime Video)

In this journey of self-discovery, the viewer will be able to follow the protagonist “Mich”, who must go through different situations to realize that she is talented and that it is her differences that will make her stand out and achieve everything she wants. This new production has Fernanda Eguiarte as showrunner and co-creator.

Michelle Rodríguez, in the last 10 years has positioned herself as one of the most popular personalities for her participation in programs such as I fall over laughing Y 40 and 20, as well as numerous films such as Mirreyes vs Godinez. The The 38-year-old actress has been criticized on several occasions for her weight, which has not prevented her talent from standing out.

The series will be released on December 7.  (Netflix)
The series will be released on December 7. (Netflix)

The series also features the participation of Isabel Yudice as “Yadi”, Alicia Vélez as “Tania”, Michelle Olvera as “Brenda”, Luis Fernando Peña as “Fer”, Germán Bracco as “Dani”, Tadeo Tovar as “Mati” , Ishbel Bautista as “Majo”, Luisa Huerta as the grandmother “Concha” and Angélica Rogel as “Dr. Hilda”, among others.

Before this new series hits Netflixyou can see Michelle Rodriguez in the movie Mirreyes vs Godinez which is available through the platform Prime Video.


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