The most complete exercise of Andrea Duro in the gym

    Do you remember the most complete exercise by Laura Escanes? that what worked glutes, arms and abs at the same time? Okay, so we’ve found a worthy successor to him. Well, actually, both can coexist perfectly in a full body routine, but now we are slightly obsessed with this one. And the culprit of showing it to us has been andrea hard.

    After giving us envy on paradisiacal beaches and dreamlike landscapes, Andrea Duro’s bikini photos are over: lThe actress has returned to the routine more motivated than ever. At the moment she hasn’t put on her boxing gloves yet (for the moment), but she has returned to the gym with her batteries more than recharged and ready to give her all.

    This is how Juanki Miranda, one of the trainers at the actress’s Club XII gym, shared it with us in a video on his Instagram account where we can see Andrea Duro perform the complete exercise that we were talking about before. Attention:

    It’s a exercise divided into several movements, each of which works a different muscle group. So we should not rush in its execution, but do it calmly, controlling each movement and concentrating on what we want to work on.

    As we have noted, it is a exercise bodysuit which focuses especially on three muscle groups: ABS (more specifically oblique), legs (mainly quadriceps and glutes) and arms (shoulders and back especially). For what interests us so much for our routines bodysuit as to finish any training more focused on a muscle group.

    The exercise step by step

    1. The first thing is to position ourselves in front of the pulley, at a distance that allows us to easily take the grip at chest height, in a stride position.
    2. From there, going down with a stride motion, stay down and row the pulley, focusing on bringing it to your chest.
    3. With the grip still close to the chest, we will perform a lateral crunch to work obliques.
    4. Undo the pose move by move. This is a repeat.

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