The most dangerous App in the mobile Store: steal money from your bank account

DFor several months an application has been active on the Google Play Store call 2FA Authenticator, that really had no use, but was a malware. Apparently, this application was dedicated to offering two-factor authentication to user accounts. However, it was not true, since, in reality, installed malware called Vultur.

the company of Pradeo Mobile Security was the one who discovered this deception, something that had already been installed by more than 10,000 users. That is, all these people who downloaded the application were exposed to a group of hackers who were dedicated to steal bank information

The application was removed from the Google Play Store on January 27, but users should make sure they haven’t installed it before. In its installation, the application requested permission to be able to take photos and videos with the device’s camera, even to disable the screen lock, complete access to the network… Something very suspicious, but that most users access due to lack of experience or not paying attention to the permissions that are granted to certain applications.

How do they access bank details?

In addition to the granted permissions mentioned above, other uses that were granted were disabling the keyboard, access to the Internet, consultation of files and permission to use of biometric data, and it is here, in this type of data, from where they access the keys to enter the banking applications. And it is that this malware was able to record each keystroke that was made on the keyboard, even invisible keystrokes like passwords.

How to improve the security of your mobile?

In case of having had this application installed, it is necessary for the user to check that all the data of the app has been eliminated from the phone. To do this, you must access mobile ‘settings’Then in ‘installed applications’ and erase everything you don’t recognize or don’t use.

To increase device security Android It is common to bet on third-party applications, but it is necessary to be careful with what is downloaded because cybercriminals know more than most users. The best is do not download anything external to the phonesince each company includes a security device against any attack.

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