The most difficult video games in history and in the world

There are many video games that “adapt” to the user to avoid a frustrating experience. Candy Crush is an example of this, allowing there to always be a possible solution and a fair difficulty so that you don’t fall into boredom because you can’t beat the game and making millions of people around the world, without being game lovers , get hooked Like him, many others seek to make the user reach the end without getting frustrated trying, without abandoning it, without having to turn off the computer or the console many times to achieve it. In many cases, just being patient is enough.

most difficult video games

Choosing the most difficult games in history is not easy because each title is different, each title is a world. A puzzle may be completely simple for you but an RPG is impossible. In addition, they are not all: there are many completely difficult video games that you have surely been angry with, but we try to collect all kinds of titles, from all possible genres, years and platforms.

Ghosts ‘n Goblins

One of the great classic arcade video games is Ghosts and Goblins, an arcade game released decades ago and that was, without a doubt, one of the “impossible” games for game lovers. It is a Capcom arcade platform title released in 1985 and in which we control Sir Arthur, a knight who must face all kinds of creatures and zombies to save the princess. But when someone touches him, the character loses his armor. In addition, they will do their best to end our lives (three lives in total) in very difficult levels until they reach Astaroth, the great villain.

The video game has been available for multiple consoles since its release. It was originally created for Arcade but there were versions for Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Famicom/NES, PlayStation, sega Saturn, Game Boy Color, mobile phones, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo Switch Online…


Dwarf Fortress

The premise was simple: we must build a city. A game for Windows, Linux, and MacOS released in the early 2000s in which the player must take charge of a group of dwarves to create an underground fortress. A construction of a unique world with which we can spend hours and hours Minecraft style but almost twenty years before him.

And with great difficulty or complexity due to the number of elements that the game offers but also to the characteristics to take into account: not all terrain is the same. Not all civilizations are the same and we must take into account any adversity that may risk our strength: floods, landslides, animals…

Dwarf Fortress

ninja gaiden

On the NES we were able to play Ninja Gaiden, an action and reflex title released in the late eighties and which came to Europe with the name Shadow Warriors. We must use Ryu Hayabusa in an action game in which we must kill and destroy the enemies that cross our path. To do this, of course, we must fight and use ninja techniques, we must make attacks, jump, fight. A title that does not give us rest and in which surviving is never easy.

Although the first game was born in the late eighties for NES or SNES, there are other titles that have continued the saga with the essence of the original.

ninja gaiden

God Hand

On PlayStation 2 we were able to play God Hand. God Hand is, for many, another of the most difficult video games of all time and that more headaches has caused to different users. God Hand was a Clover Studios game for PS2 if we wanted a fight, if we were looking for a complicated combat with enemies that were increasing in level parallel to our improvements.

A game of beat ’em genre up that was not applauded by the critics at its launch but that managed to hook many and that does not leave aside the humor between blows, between combos achieved and all kinds of movements against enemies.

god hand

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

This title for NES was known by everyone at the time. A sequel for the NES which complicated the original and in which we returned to control the Hero of Hyrule. There are side levels and there is an open world, but, in addition, Link is capable of using magic or leveling up his different abilities: attack, magic, life… As he levels up, he will be more powerful and will be able to face all enemies.

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link was released in 1987 for the NES, although it also had a re-released version for Gameboy Advance in 2004 or for gamecubes.

zelda II

Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy cannot be missing from this ranking either. A title released in 2010 in which we must face extremely complicated scenarios and platforms full of danger. A platform video game released in 2010 with several worlds and twenty levels for each of them. We must use the cube-shaped player avoiding blocks, obstacles and all kinds of impediments that make us die over and over again without reaching the goal, until we reach the final boss that we must unlock. There are more than 350 levels in about seven chapters in all and is available for Xbox or PC.

Super Meat Boy

Light blue

Light blue is a platform and adventure game that can be among the most difficult in history. Created by Matt Makes Games and released in 2018, we use Medeline as a character. She must climb the Celestial Mountain in a platform video game where we must avoid all kinds of deadly obstacles. We must jump, climb, climb, fight but also face her demons, her personality, the thoughts that scare her.

Celeste is a video game that requires concentration and, above all, a lot of precision. It takes precision and experience to face each level. We can play on different platforms. It is available for Nintendo Switch, for Windows, for macOS, for Xbox One or for PlayStation.

Light blue

Doom Eternal

Doom is one of the legendary video games of all time. Created by ID Software in the 1990s, but with a sequel published by Bethesda in 2016 for all platforms. A sequel to the first person shooter in which there is no lack of blood, survival. The demons have invaded a UAC facility.

Doom is, in itself, one of the most complicated games of the last decades and everyone who has played it knows it. But also, Doom Eternal It has all kinds of levels depending on the difficulty that interests us, but its superior mode is the Nightmare Mode that offers us an experience full of adrenaline and survival.

complicated sagas

There are several sagas with titles that are among those that many users consider the most complicated, the most difficult. From some of the popular Super Mario titles or the Souls saga.


The Souls series is one of the sagas whose video games sneak into any list consulted if you are looking for difficulty. The first one was released in 2009. The last one was released in 2020. Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls II and Dark Souls III.

Demon’s Souls for PlayStation 3 is a demanding, difficult game. A third-person action RPG in which we create a character with which we will kill the different enemies. But Demon’s Souls is difficult and was praised and criticized for it. Its difficulty made it addictive but it was not the only one because Demon’s Souls has a 2020 remake for PS5 that revived one of the greatest challenges facing the console with an immersive experience without losing its essence.

demons soul

For many, Dark Souls It is also another of the video games that can be considered especially difficult. A dark action RPG with a higher difficulty than other games of the moment. Available today for PS4, Windows, Xbox or Nintendo Switch. A saga with several titles that many consider complicated although there is no consensus and there are many users who say that it is not a big deal.

Dark Souls

Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros has some of the most difficult games in history. Not all character games, of course. For example, Super Mario: The Lost Levels, a platform game released by Nintendo in the 1980s. The second video game of the Mario saga released as a sequel to Super Mario Bros in some countries such as the United States or Japan. Released for the NES it is a sequel to the original but with many more challenges and much more difficulty.

There’s others: Super Mario Maker 2 It is, for many, the most difficult game in history. A video game released for Nintendo Switch that not only allows us to enjoy the plumber jumping and picking mushrooms, but also allows us to create levels. It is a platform video game that allows you to create levels and not settle for the ones that are already available by default. It was released in 2019 for the Nintendo Switch and has all kinds of tools to unleash your imagination and create levels that you can share with other players.

This possibility makes it an almost impossible game depending on the level you use, from the imagination of millions of users around the world. You can play again as many times as you want but there will be all kinds of enemies, objects, themes, styles… The essence of always but here it is not a group of developers who will tell you how many times you are going to try to win but the users themselves they will make the games more and more complete and complicated.

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