The most expensive (and iconic) wedding dresses of the stars


The wedding dresses of celebrities always know how to make us dream

Sui weddings there is an aura of daydreams and daydreams, reverie not always attributable to the romantic nature of the event, but which arise from floral sculptures, gargantuan lunches and the wonderful dresses typical of a happy day. If a friend’s wedding has the moist consistency of many and many handkerchiefs soaked in tears (of joy, ça va sans dire), those of celebrity they ignite the imagination, transporting our mind to the altar in a couture creation, with scenery stolen from Lake Como, the Tuscan countryside or the suggestive castles of Lazio. Come on royal weddings to those of Old Hollywood ending with social ceremonies live on Instagram, here are the most iconic weddings and wedding dresses of celebrities.

The wedding dresses chosen by the divas of Old Hollywood

Marilyn Monroe married playwright Arthur Miller in 1956.Getty Images

There wife who today chooses the mini dress for her wedding feels a pioneer of unconventional stylistic choices, without imagining that the short dress has been customary for many Old Hollywood brides. From Marilyn Monroe to Audrey Hepburn passing through Elizabeth Taylor, Mia Farrow And Sharon Tate, the weddings of vintage movie stars reach the pinnacle of glamor, with sophisticated designs that rework tradition in a more swing and contemporary way. Flowers in the hair, kitten heels and voluminous orchid bouquets are the ingredients of some of the most beautiful bridal looks in history.


The wedding dresses of the royals full of symbols and jewels

Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo on their wedding day in Angera in August 2015.Getty Images

Royal weddings are the combination of all childhood fantasies, with a prince waiting at the altar for his bride covered in veils, lace and family jewels. Sumptuousness and excess are the hallmarks of these events on a global scale, which stop the world to draw its gaze to Westminster Abbey or the Almudena Cathedral in Madrid. There Queen Elizabeth II then Lady Diana, arriving today at Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and to the princesses of York, the customs are maintained as well as the superstitious rites that require you to wear something old, something blue and something borrowed. From the bride and groom’s initials embroidered on Diana Spencer’s shoes to Commonwealth countries flowers embroidered on the lace of the Duchess of Cambridge’s gown, royal wedding dresses are a secret to be revealed detail by detail.

The wedding dresses of the stars in the era of Instagram

Instagram @priyankachopra

Finally we come to modern celebrities, whose weddings become real social events followed live by millions of people. Eagerly waiting for the followers who were waiting to admire the Dior dress by Chiara Ferragni, with an aura of mystery that lasted months around the wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Click-time celebrations also for Hailey and Justin Bieber, whose wedding album is collected in a series of Instagram posts. For their big day, actresses, singers and influencers turn to the favorite maison that best represents their style, commissioning tailor-made clothes that dictate the wedding trends for all brides.


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