The most famous people in Mexico who are not Mexican, beyond Luis Miguel

There are many famous foreigners who have created their artistic career in Mexico despite coming from other countries. This is the case of Luis Miguel, nicknamed “El Sol de Mexico”, Mexican singer and music producer born in Puerto Rico. Luis Miguel He is considered one of the biggest and most successful artists in Latin America for his wide range of musical styles, who has sold more than 100 million records worldwide.

As well as Luis Miguel Another music celebrity who grew up artistically in Mexico is Chavela Vargas, who was a singer and actress of Costa Rican origin. A Chavela Vargas She is considered a main figure and a great peculiar artist of the ranchera music of Mexico, and an important influence for many artists of Latin American popular music, even becoming an inspiration for several figures in the cinema such as the Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar and several others. In 2007 she was honored with the Grammy Award for Musical Excellence from the Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

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