the most famous tiktokers, the song of the year and the most viewed video in 2020

If we are going to remember the beginning of the quarantine, we must undoubtedly think about TikTok. Is that this social network had its boom worldwide with the arrival of Covid-19, a moment when hundreds of people, especially adolescents and young people, decided to take advantage of the time at home to communicate through this platform.

Due to its popularity during 2020, many people believe that this social network emerged during the quarantine, but It is not like this. TikTok is an international version of Douyin, which was originally launched in the Chinese market in September 2016. TikTok was later launched in 2017 for most markets outside of mainland China.

During the quarantine, the social network that dominated was TikTok. Photo: Free Library

The interest in the dancing video clips and the “challenge” came from the hand of its predecessor: Musical.ly and that later went viral thanks to the 60-second clips on the social network. The TikTok boom in quarantine is reflected within the searches carried out on Google if we take a period of five years, where the peak that it had during the days of March 15 to 21, 2020 is seen, since then, the search intentions they have not gone down

It is that the social network offers a type of content that is easy to consume, fun and to which, at that time, hundreds of celebrities joined from their homes. Three years after the quarantine and in order to remember life during isolation, we share a list of viral videos that were all the rage during 2020, in addition to the influencers that went viral that year and the most listened to and danced song that year on the platform.

The most viewed TikTok clips in quarantine

If we speak internationally, Bella Poarch was the most viral with the song “M to the B”. This publication of the famous influencer received more than 528 million views, in addition, in 2020 it added more than 43 million “likes” and the comments from her followers were more than 1.4 million.

The viral tiktokers of 2020

As for the list of the best TikTok creators on the international podium is charli d’ameliothat if you are to follow the dances and challenges of the platform, it is the tiktoker that usually imposes them.

Charli D’Amelio, the most famous tiktoker on the platform.

In Argentina, the most searched tiktoker within the platform since March 2020 and according to Google Trends was Kunno, a young Mexican who went viral for his videos and who starred in several controversies over time.

Kunno, the most wanted tiktoker in Argentina during the months of quarantine. Photo: Instagram

The songs that broke it on TikTok and that everyone danced to in quarantine

During this time, Jason Derulo was the top creator among celebrities, followed by Kylie Jenner and Lizzo. It is that in 2020 everyone danced and did the challenge of “Savage”, a song that marked the quarantine not only for its musical style but for the controversy behind it and for generating a phenomenon that changed the music industry: the need to make a topic go viral on TikTok with a challenge.

Regarding the controversy, originally, a user named Jawsh 685 posted the instrumental, titled Laxed (Siren Beat), on YouTube in 2019. However, the popularity of this beat came the following year, on May 11, 2020, when Derulo released a preview of “Savage Love”, which was performed on this beat. Yes indeed, without authorization and without paying royalties to Jawsh 685. This caused a wave of negative reactions and requests for Derulo to clarify what had happened, in addition to giving the young man the corresponding credits and his share of the profits.

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