The most fond of fitness celebrities

The fitness It is closely related to a person’s physical health. Specifically, it is about one’s willingness to perform some physical activities, occupations and daily efforts. But it is not only limited to having a sports routine, but experts recommend that it be accompanied, as far as possible, by timely nutrition and adequate rest for recovery.

There are many variants of fitness and a lots of exercises to work or strengthen a specific area of ​​the body. An example of this is improving aerobic resistance, having greater flexibility, increasing muscle mass or achieving a healthy body balance between muscles, bones and fat. Depending on the objectives that are set, it will be advisable to follow one routine or another.

On many occasions, the population has as references celebrities well known. These, apart from being admired for what they do in their professions, are highly envied for their physique, which they take care of in detail. Many of them, far from hiding what they do in their private lives, have decided to share, especially with their followers via social networks, how they practice sports and what activities are their favorites to keep fit. Next, we review some of them.

Sport and food, the perfect combination

Bar Refaeli She is one of the models of the moment, who has paraded through the most important catwalks in the world and who frequently shares her sports routine via social networks. The Israeli model wants to maintain a perfect body with specific cardio, pilates and fitball exercises. Another celebrity of special mention is Kate Upton who, in addition to being a model and actress, is an influencer in this matter. In 2019 she created a 12 week exercise programwith activities of all kinds, so that women without much time could practice sports at home, combining it with their motherhood.

Food must be valued, and two celebrities with many followers do it daily. These are the international actress Nicole Kidman and the Spanish model vanessa lorenzo. Both have organic horticulture as a hobby, where they grow all kinds of vegetables to cook healthy dishes. In fact, the Oscar winner has acknowledged on more than one occasion that 80% of her diet is full of healthy foods like fresh vegetables or whole grains.

for their physical activity, Serena Williams He must have always had a very fit body. The American tennis player who has won 23 Grand Slams has a practically vegan diet and many exercises are usually done at home or in the hotels where he concentrates. One of the secrets of its success is the cardio, specifically with high-intensity interval training. This practice is combined with going for a run and the elliptical bike, ideal for reducing the impact on the knees that is so annoying for high-level athletes.

Maintaining a healthy body is just as important as maintaining a good mental balance. For this reason, there are those who opt for yoga and meditation, which have an effect in both directions at the same time. The model Gisele Bundchen He started this practice 20 years ago to overcome depression and, since then, he practices it daily, which helps him overcome the most difficult moments of everyday life. A more specific routine is the one that he revealed in his day Miranda Kerrwith half an hour a day that he combines with pilates and light weight training.


boxing and strength training

The boxing It is another of the fitness activities that are widely practiced by celebrities. Apart from working the whole body, it serves to let off steam and recover energy. The actress Halle Berry He usually practices it weekly and combines it with other exercises that require a lot of strength, such as kettlebells or dumbbells. A similar routine follows Adriana Lima. For the Victoria’s Secret model, it is one of her favorite sports and she performs training that has nothing to envy to that of the professionals, such as jumping rope, where she demonstrates great skill.

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