The most outstanding mothers in the world of sports

There is no more influential figure in a person’s life like a mother and the world of sports is no exception. Behind many successful and dominant athletes is a mother figure who, in many cases, is the main support in the beginning of their careers as athletes.

From mothers who raised their future stars alone, those who procreated more than one athlete and even those whose motherhood does not prevent them from being athletes.

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Next, meet the most outstanding mothers in the world of sports.

Oracene Price, mother of Venus and Serena Williams

Prince is the mother of two of the most famous tennis players in the world, Venus and Serena Williams.

He was born in Saginaw, Michigan in 1952. His father was an autoworker from the Mississippi Delta. He graduated from Buena Vista High School in 1970 and from Western Michigan University.

Got married with Richard Williams with whom he had his 2 successful daughters. Both Venus and Serena are top-level professional tennis players who have won numerous Grand Slam tournaments. She helped her husband when he started coaching Venus and Serena in tennis.

Wanda Durant, mother of Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant He is one of the greatest references in the NBA, and he gives his mother, Wanda, his success. But his story goes beyond sports, and there is motivation and drama ahead, because when Kevin was just a baby, his father abandoned himher brother Tony and her mother, but that did not discourage her and she went with everything to support her little ones.

The future Hall of Fame dedicated his acceptance speech to him. Most Valuable Player award in 2014 to his mother Wanda with the iconic phrase: «You are the most valuable».

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Serena Williams

the famous tennis player Serena Williams played her first match at the Australian Open after winning the trophy in 2017, when she was a handful of weeks pregnant with her daughter Alexis Olympia.

“It’s exciting to be back in Australia. I think the last time I was here I was pregnant and playing at the same time, which is really crazy. It’s a strange feeling, it’s a pleasure to come back without anyone inside me, I have great memories of all my steps through this tournament, “Williams explained during the Australian Open in 2019.

Gloria James, mother of LeBron James

Gloria James was pregnant by one of the most successful athletes on the planet at the age of 16 years old. Despite her age and financial situation, Gloria single-handedly raised her son, Lebron James, in Akron, Ohio.

When Lebron turned 9 years old, James decided to let his son receive the guardianship of Frank Walker, a local basketball coach and this introduced Lebron to the sport.

Lebron has mentioned that his main motivation for becoming a professional player is to improve the living conditions of his mother.

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Jacqueline Towns Cruz, mother of Karl-Anthony Towns

Cruz married Karl Towns Sr. and gave birth to their son in Edison, New Jersey. As her mother, Jackie, one of her nicknames, inculcated part of the Dominican culture and customs for her, Karl-Anthony for her.

He accompanied his son when he went selected to the Draft in 2015 and every time this has been selected on Juego for stars

Unfortunately, Jacqueline Cruz died in April 2020 due to complications due to the spread of the covid-19 virus.

The Minnesota Timberwolves dedicated the following statement to him:

«In the more than four years that we have been fortunate to know Jackie, she has become part of our family. Her passion for life and for her family was palpable. As Karl’s number one fan, Jackie provided him with constant, positive energy and she was loved by our entire organization and staff at Target Center as she supported her son and the Timberwolves.”

Leigh Anne Tuohy, adoptive mother of Michael Oher

The story of Michael Oher is one of the best known in the sports world thanks to the fact that it was taken to the seventh art. ‘The Blind Side‘, is the name of the film starring Sandra Bullock that narrates the life of the player of the Carolina Panthers, in which the fundamental role that he had Leigh Anne Tuohyadoptive mother of Oher, and who led him to transcend in sports, demonstrating the value of the family to achieve dreams.

Scene from the movie “The Blind Side”, starring Sandra Bullock

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