The most popular series with LGTBQ+ representation of the last year

The audiovisual world continues to advance by leaps and bounds in terms of representation and there are more and more examples on screen where the LGTBQ+ collective can see themselves reflected and feel included and safe. The history of cinema and television ignored them at first -or even used them as a reason for ridicule-, but they have finally found their space to be visible. And they have come to stay.

After a whole year in which a more dignified representation has been opted for, Google searches for series with LGBTQ+ representation have skyrocketed. In fact, according to GLAAD’s annual report –a non-profit organization dedicated to collective activism-, there are more LGBTQ+ characters on TV and streaming platforms than ever before.

In a publication last year, the organization compiled the most popular series in each of the states of the United Statesclaiming the importance of more and more productions that favor inclusion and listing the most sought after titles in each area of ​​the country.

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The most sought after by the audience

'They give the blow'.

‘They give the blow’.

Amazon Prime Video

Among all the titles listed on the list, the most popular series in the country in terms of collective representation is Euphoria (HBO Max). The production starring Zendaya is the most sought after in up to 13 states and has been praised countless times, not only for its cinematic quality, but also for its way of showing addictions, mental health problems and friendship. In addition, she has recently been awarded at the Golden Globes.

behind her is batwoman (HBO Max), the adaptation of the DC comics led by Ruby Rose and Javicia leslie which is popular in as many as six states. Complete the podium Orange is the New Black (Netflix), one of the pioneering series when it comes to including LGTBQ+ characters on Netflix and also one of the longest running on Netflix with sapphic representation.

Finally, the most sought-after series also include titles such as they give the blow (Amazon Prime Video), which through the professional women’s baseball league that emerged during World War II talks about issues like race and sexuality; and also glee (Disney+), Ryan Murphy’s musical series, broadcast between 2009 and 2015.

Other titles on the list

'Veneno' and 'Elite', the two Spanish series on the list.

‘Veneno’ and ‘Elite’, the two Spanish series on the list.

The list of popular series covers many different titles and among the most recurring ones is also RuPaul’s Drag Race. The reality show, which presents drag queen across the country is led by RuPaul Charles is one of the most awarded artists in Emmy history.

Other series that are also named are I never, Gentleman Jack, twenties, Modern Familyand, Work in progress, looking, Empire, Wynona Earp, The Fosters, The L Word: Generation Q, harley quinn, Master of None: Moments in Love, We Are Who We Are, Schitt’s Creek Y Dead End: Paranormal Parkand even Spanish productions Poison Y ANDlite.

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Streaming as a safe place

It’s a breath of fresh air to see that LGBTQ+ people have an increasing space to tell their own stories. Although the number of productions in which they appear represented is increasing and can be overwhelming, inclusion does not fail to reflect the real world.

A large part of society is clear about their role models from childhood, the characters that inspired them, but there is another sector that did not have that luck and the few models that they had arrived late, they were stereotyped versions, subjects of constant ridicule or stories doomed to have a tragic end.

Luckily, streaming platforms and also cinema continue to betting on progress and they carry diversity as their flag in their productionsbecause although it had not been named practically until relatively recently, it has always existed and will exist.

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