The most psychological drama of Amazon that is going to be a success this weekend

Like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video It has been committed to generating an incredible, varied and attractive catalog for all its subscribers for many years. That’s why, if you take a brief look at its streaming platform, you’ll find anime, comedy, science fiction, and the best documentaries, titles and series. But without a doubt, the most viewed title in recent days is Amazon’s most psychological drama: dark truth.

Starring Pierce Brosnan and Justin Theroux (Mulholland Drive, The lefttovers), dark truth is a psychological horror thriller that focuses on the theme of motherhood. Produced by Hulu and the prestigious seal of quality granted by A24, is directed by John Lee, a filmmaker capable of moving comfortably through various registers, creating renowned films. In 2009 she directed Sandra Bullock to her first and only Oscar for The Blindside and in 2013 he brought together Emma Thomson and Tom Hanks to learn the story of the creator of Mey Poppins to meet Walt Disney. Three years later, she would retell a biographical drama about the creator of Macdonalds under the title of The Founder. It is also not the first time that Lee has created an exclusive product for a platform, since in 2019 she portrayed Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson on Netflix, as the pursuers of Bonnie and Clyde in final ambush.

Amazon's most psychological drama
‘Dark truth’ (A24)

Now with dark truth, Lee brings us what is the most psychological drama of Amazon that we can find this weekend. The official synopsis describes it as follows: “Lucy and Adrian have been trying to have a child for some time. Finally, they turn to the doctor Hindle, a specialist in fertility issues. After an artificial insemination process, Lucy becomes pregnant with triplets. As a result of this type of pregnancy, the doctor assures her that her health and that of the children are at risk. Therefore, Lucy must face a difficult decision, while around her life and her world, everything begins to turn into a real nightmare”.

The international critics have responded quite well, praising the debut of its protagonist Ilana Gazer, who plays Lucy. Some critics like David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporterhas classified it as “a smart, scary and original film that grabs you.”

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