The most punctual airlines and airports of 2023

Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport has been recognized worldwide for its punctuality in 2023. (REUTERS/Vincent Alban)

Company Avianka According to the latest data from travel analytics company Cirium, Airlines de Colombia was ranked as the most punctual airline in the world in 2023 with a punctuality score of 85.73%. Should Blue Airlines from Brazil with 85.51% are in third place. Qatar Airways – 85.11 percent.

In the category “Asia-Pacific” All of Nippon Airways and Japan The airlines, both from Japan, were praised for their time accuracy, while in Europe Iberia Express and Iberia Spain turned out to be the most reliable in terms of punctuality.

The list of world airports also includes Kempegowda India International Airport, International Airport Gold from Bogota, the capital of Colombia, and salt Lake City An international airport in the United States, all this demonstrates the excellence and efficiency of airport management at the international level.

Thanks to its outstanding performance, Avianca Airlines has placed itself at the global peak of punctuality, surpassing its closest competitors (Archive)

According to Cirium, to be considered a global airline, the company must offer service in three regions every day. An airline’s punctuality is measured on the basis that the aircraft arrives at the gate no later than 15 minutes from the scheduled arrival time and departs within 15 minutes from the agreed departure time. This factor is a determining factor for travelers when choosing an airline for future flights, especially given the inconvenience that any flight delay or cancellation entails.

Regarding airport terminals, International Airport MinneapolisSaint Paul was recognized as the most punctual in the world in 2023. It is followed by the international airport. Rajiv Gandhi in Hyderabad, India, which made an impressive rise to second place after failing to crack the top 10 last year.

The marked improvement in punctuality at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is due to “pretty phenomenal investment,” according to Mike Malik, chief marketing officer at Cirium, in an interview with the publication. CNBC. These investments focus on advanced technology tools, process optimization and staff training, key aspects of maintaining high standards of efficiency and punctuality in airport operations.

Cirium defines an airline as punctual if it manages to take off and land a maximum of 15 minutes before the scheduled time, which has become a decisive criterion for passengers when choosing flights (AP/Jae C.hong)

“You can’t maintain these numbers unless you pay close attention and make all the necessary investments in technology tools, processes and people,” Malik said.

Japanese airlines All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines took the top two spots as the most punctual in the Asia-Pacific region with punctuality scores of 82.75% and 82.58% respectively. For its part, the Indian low-cost airline Indigowith the largest fleet size and market share in India, rose to third place, overtaking Thai AirAsiawhich dropped to fourth place after taking first position in 2022. IndiGo has also achieved the milestone of carrying 100 million passengers in a calendar year in 2023.

With rapid expansion, IndiGo has achieved an increase in on-time performance, reaching 82.12%. This significant growth has challenged the leadership of Japanese airlines, which, according to David White, vice president of business development at Cirium, have “really become a power player in the Asia-Pacific region” by transforming their operations post-Covid-19 and challenging ANA and JAL. in terms of punctuality.

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