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Tomorrow, 14 October, I’m Your Man, the award-winning comedy about a love story between a woman and a robot, starring Maren Eggert and Dan, arrives at the cinema from German director Maria Schrader, who signed the award-winning series Unhortodox. Stevens. We present the film in detail in this article.

Preceded by flattering criticisms and from Many awards (German Film Award for Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Director and Best Actress in a Leading Role Maren Eggert, who also won the Silver Bear in Berlin for the role) finally arrives at the cinema tomorrow, 14 october, with Koch Media I’m Your Man, a film that arouses a lot of curiosity and which stands out for the originality and sensitivity with which it deals with a theme of science fiction in a contemporary context. We want to prepare you for the vision by telling you something about the story but above all about its protagonists.

The premise of I’m Your Man

The story begins immediately in medias res, as they say, or rather from the first date – in a nice room with a ballroom that seems to have come out of the past – between a somewhat awkward woman and a “man”. We quickly discover that the unusual blind date involves Alma, a scientist from the famous Pergamon Museum in Berlin, who reluctantly agreed to test a humanoid robot, Tom, in exchange for the promise of funding for his research and a trip to see live the cuneiform tablets that are the subject of it. On paper, Tom is designed according to her tastes and desires to make her happy: the trial will last three weeks, during which the two will have to live together, but things do not start very well …

The themes of the film

“I had heard of a short story that was about to be adapted for the cinema. I didn’t know anything about it, other than the fact that the logline said “woman meets robot”, and that was enough to catch my interest. This logline reminded me a lot of Billy Wilder’s famous “boy meets girl”, only in this case it’s “girl meets robot boy”. The skill of the director Maria Schrader, which refers to the tale “Ich Bin dein Mensch” from Emma Braslavsky, freely adapted by her together with Jan Homburg, above all lies in rendering extremely a futuristic story is realistic and plausible, which would normally belong to the terrain of dystopian or pure science fiction cinema. He does this by writing a script that talks about our feelings, loneliness and disappointments, pain, alienation and the habits we sometimes take refuge in in daily life after being hurt. Until love knocks on our door in a surprising way, in the least predictable guise, forcing us to confront our defenses and reopen the world for us. In this sense I’m Your Man it tells a story in which we can all find ourselves, because it does not speak only of love but of human relationships and the difficulties that all of us have encountered at one time or another. And he does it with irony and fun, but never with superficial lightness. It is a film that tells the feminine very well but that is precisely why it can also speak to men.

The protagonists of I’m Your Man

It is very unlikely that the film audience does not know Dan Stevens, the beautiful English actor, who in I’m Your Man perfectly interprets Tom, expressing with the intensity of his cerulean gaze all the perplexities of a robot that seems much more human than its creators had imagined. Born in 1982, he began his career with a television version of Frankenstein in 2004 and in cinema he also starred in Adam Wingard’s horror film The Guest, although obviously many remember him as the Beast from the Disney movie starring Emma Watson, The beauty and the Beast. As a brilliant actor, we recently liked Stevens in the Netflix movie Eurovision Song Contest – The history of the Fire Saga, where he played the glowing Russian singer Alexander Lemtov. With his dramatic skills he broke the hearts of spectators in period dresses Downton Abbey, where from 2010 to 2012 it was Matthew Crowley, Lady Mary’s great and unfortunate love. The director’s choice also fell on him because we needed a foreign actor who seemed slightly “alien”, but who was able to act in German, a language that Stevens masters along with French.

Maren Eggert, who plays Alma, is probably less known to the Italian audience, but she is one of the best German actresses currently around and seeing I’m Your Man you will also understand why. Born in 1974 in Hamburg, she began acting in the late nineties, in 2001 she was one of the protagonists of the discussed The Experiment and appeared in sixteen episodes of the long and successful TV series Tatort. In 2017 he interpreted The invisibles but its official consecration, with the award at the Berlin festival, came precisely with I’m Your Man.

In the role of the diligent employee to whom Alma must refer for everything related to her relations with Tom, she is there Sandra Hüller. If seeing her you seem to recognize her it is because, probably, you have seen her as the protagonist of one of the most successful German films of recent years: she was the daughter in Meet Toni Erdmann and she too, like Eggert but before her, won a Silver bear for best actress: she did it in 2006 for the dramatic role of the exorcised young woman in Requiem from Hans-Christian Schmid.

The director of I’m Your Man

Maria Schrader she is so good at directing her performers because she too started as an actress before turning to directing: to her credit she has over 50 credits, both in cinema and in TV series. I’m Your Man is the third feature film she directs on her own (he co-directed the first), while as we remembered Unhortodox is the series that gave her notoriety and a Emmy award. His next film, She Said, will carry it out in America and it is none other than the story of the investigation that started the #metoo movement. They will interpret it Zoe Kazan, Carey Mulligan And Samantha Morton. As an actress, she too won the Silver Bear in Berlin for the film Aimée & Jaguar, in 1999, together with co-star Juliane Kohler. On the story of I’m Your Man, here’s what this talented director tells:

Jan Schomburg and I had already written together Stefan Zweig: Farewell to Europe. For I’m Your Man we were looking for a light and cheerful tone that did not distance itself from the great themes of the story. We thought about setting the story in the future, but then we changed our minds. In our world we are already occupied and guided by algorithms, the idea of ​​a highly evolved robot like Tom is already present, even if in this particular form that is seen in the film it is still far away as a dream. So we set I’m Your Man in a familiar Berlin. Alma is a woman of today. The only precursors of the future are the Terrareca company with its peculiar employees and its products, of which Tom is a prototype. This decision makes it easy to identify with Alma, she has no advantage in terms of experience, she doesn’t know more about the future than we do. Her encounter with Tom is as new and strange to her as it is to us. This allows our story to have comic moments as well.

I’m Your man awaits you at the cinema from Thursday 14 October: here are all the Italian cinemas where the film will be shown


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