The most viral phrase against Cristiano: “He spent 200 million euros on Cristiano and he only knows how to do ‘Siiiuuu'”

youafter the defeat of Al Nassar on the Saudi Arabian Super Cup, in which the CR7 club lost 3-1 to Al Ittihad., the Portuguese began to receive the first criticism. After the recent video in which several Al Nassar fans are seen trampling on the shirt of Cristiano Ronaldonow a video circulating on social networks went viral, where an alleged director of the al nassr exploded after the result that left them without the possibility of advancing in the tournament.

Get out of here. He spent 200 million and he (referring to Cristiano Ronaldo) only knows how to do ‘Siuuuu’. It’s not possible“, is what is read in a video with an alleged Arabic translation posted on networks. This criticism that despite being laughed at continues to be distributed on social networks, adds to the comments of the team’s technical director, Rudi García, who ensure after removal of the al nassr of the Super Cup that had missed a goal opportunity.

This defeat leaves Cristiano without the possibility of lifting the first title with his new team. For the same, now he must concentrate on the local tournament where leaders march with a narrow marginbut backed by a good goal difference.

Rudi García ‘sealed’ Cristiano

rudi garca, the Al Nassr coach, analyzed the situation of his team and the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo after the defeat in the Super Cup and has already launched some criticism. “Cristiano Ronaldo missed a goal opportunity that would have changed the course of the game in the first half, but I congratulate Al Ittihad. They were much better than us until the break. So we reacted but we could no longer turn around. We lost the Super Cup but we are still first in the championship,” said the coach after the appointment.”

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