The motive behind the feud between Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte

Julia Roberts Without a doubt, she is the queen of romantic films, the 54-year-old actress has starred in various films that we have all seen at some point. Like, for example: “Pretty Woman,” A Place Called Notting Hill,” “I Love Trouble“, among other.

The movie star is once again making people talk, as she will be part of the new film with George Clooney, entitled “Ticket to Paradise”.

However, and thanks to the films he has starred in, great fame is due to them. Despite this, let us remember that in 1994 Julia Roberts worked with Nick Nolte in “I Love Trouble” and in this film the plot was centered on two Chicago reporters having a rivalry, dog when they must work together, love begins to emerge.

Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte. Source: Twitter: @ShowmundialShow

Although it is not a well-known film of roberts, and the reason is due to the terrible chemistry that existed between the protagonists. Yes, that’s right, Nick Nolte and Julia Roberts did not have a good relationship, both on the film sets and outside of production. Next, we tell you about it because of the enmity of the two actors.

The real reason for the feud

Although both celebrities started off on the wrong foot, and everything ended in a bad relationship, since it was not even possible to hide it. Furthermore, and this is surprising, the same Julia Roberts he called the actor “nasty” and refused to kiss him. Even though he had to do it, it was one of the few scenes they did together.

And that’s not all, the leading actress of “A place called Nothing Hill” did not like the attitude and macho comments of Nick Nolte. And who had to make a decision so that both actors film their scenes separately and avoid all kinds of conflict was the director of the film Charles Shyer. Currently none of the Hollywood stars get along and for the time being none have crossed paths again.


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