The movie that is sweeping Netflix: Claw

“Garra”, a sports drama set in the NBA, is the new film starring Adam Sandler, who puts comedy aside and takes on a more serious role as a basketball recruiter who dreams of an opportunity in the best competition world basketball.

Sandler plays Stanley Sugerman, a basketball scout who while abroad discovers a hugely talented player (Bo Cruz) but with a difficult past. Without his team’s approval, he decides to take the phenom with him, giving them both one last chance to prove themselves worthy of the NBA.

The cast is completed by the Spanish actor Juancho Hernangómez as Bo Cruz, the jewel of the season; Queen Latifah as Teresa Sugerman and Ben Foster as Vince Merrick.

The success of this project is due to several elements. Although it is a sports adventure, it is also an inspiring story of perseverance and determination. With a powerful message, the inevitable touch of comedy injected by Sandler, but its essence lies in the search for opportunities.

The plot takes us to the NBA, with sports venues such as the Philadelphia 76ers stadium; in addition to thirty basketball players, consecrated and active sports figures. In addition to journalists, coaches and managers.

With cameos from memorable players like Shaquille O’Neal, Allen Iverson, Charles Barkley; and others who are going through their best stage in the league, such as Luka Doncic, Aaron Gordon, Jordan Clarkson, among others.

the hot streak

It was in 2020 when Adam Sandler signed a contract with Netflix and the Happy Madison Productions company to make six films, which implied the actor’s exclusivity with the streaming service. At one point it was confirmed that the deal was for $350 million, but more projects were added.

“Claw” is one of the tapes that are part of this millionaire agreement. The film premiered on Netflix on June 9 and just three days later it was already reported as the most successful and viewed on the platform, adding 85 million hours watched worldwide, in just 72 hours.

Its success led it to position itself in the Top 10 of 92 countries, just three days after its launch, ranking first in 74 countries, where it is the most viewed, from the United States, Egypt, Italy, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Australia and El Salvador, to name a few.

It is also one of the movies that has received the most likes from platform users. While specialized critics, for example, the site Rotten Tomatoes gives “Claw” a 92% approval rating, they have praised Sandler’s performance, an important change since other of his films have been torn apart by critics, although well received by his fans.


Stanley Sugerman: Adam Sandler plays the recruiter of the Philadelphia 76ers, he travels the world looking for the best athletes. He accompanies Bo in the demanding preparation of him.

Bo Cruz: Juancho Hernangómez is the Spanish actor who plays the basketball player that Sugerman discovers on a trip, he will do everything to reach the most important league in the world.

Theresa Sugerman: Queen Latifah plays Mrs. Sugerman, a former athlete who is unconditionally supportive of her husband.

Vince Merrick: Ben Foster acts as the flighty son of Rex Merrick, owner of the 76ers, after the death of his father he takes center stage in the decisions of the team.

5 Adam Sandler movies on Netflix

They are one of the most popular stories on Netflix, these are some options that you can enjoy.

  1. A fake wife. Danny (Sandler) wants to impress his young girlfriend Palmer and hires his assistant (Jennifer Aniston) with her children to pretend they are family.
  2. Like it was the first time. A romantic comedy with Drew Barrymore, where Henry, a marine biologist, conquers his beloved Lucy every day.
  3. Rough diamonds. He plays a man obsessed with money and jewelry who makes a series of bad decisions in a crime thriller.
  4. They are like children. This 2010 comedy follows a group of friends who after 30 years reunite at a lake house and relive the joy of their childhood.
  5. The worst week. In this comedy Sandler becomes a father willing to do anything for his family and experiences various difficulties before the wedding of his daughter.







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