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Have you lacked the strength to end a relationship? Or are you uncertain about what could happen next? Well, at Los40, we believe that one of the most difficult decisions to make in life, It is ending with the person you love and definitively.

We know that sometimes there are many things that go through your mind that prevent you from having clarity and making a definitive decision.

And that there are different factors such as time, coexistence, mutual friends, or promises that put us a sentimental barrier almost impossible to break.

Well, as in any crucial and important decision, it is necessary that you meditate as many times as you want so that later you do not regret doing it a certain way.

Next, we share a list of movies that will help make the best decision, if you want to definitively end up with your partner.

tale love

This is a movie that shows that if a person lies to you, disappoints you or hurts you, you shouldn’t be there. And not only about a couple situation, but also in any type of relationship, including friendships.

maybe forever

This movie has been one of the most successful on Netflix in recent years, as it has a romantic plot; However, in this production they show us that sometimes the personalities and goals of both people in a relationship can bring about conflicts.

That is why this production shows how mutual work in favor of a relationship can prosper it; however, they also show the version of what would happen when two people decide to leave each other.

story of a marriage

Not all love stories end with happy endings. This heartbreaking story shows how two people who seemed to be the one for the other, see their relationship collapse for the differences that arise in their lives.

The film achieved nominations at the previous Oscar ceremony for its director Noa Baumbach and part of her cast, including Scarlett Johansson, Adam Driver and Laura Dern.

What other movie would you add?

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