The multicultural wellness agency Republica Havas Health is born

Republica Havas Health will focus on diversity in clinical research, culturally relevant healthcare, and wellness-focused marketing.

Havas Health & You and Republica Havas have teamed up to launch a new agency with a focus on multicultural well-being, baptized with the name of Republica Health Havas.

This new unit will be led by Jorge Plasenciaco-founder, president and CEO of Republica Havas.

Havas came aboard the Republica agency in 2018. And in recent years both companies have been involved in talks aimed at formalizing an alliance with an eye on communication focused on multicultural well-being.

“We have an important journey ahead of us to close the gap that exists today in communication and marketing aimed at multicultural communities«, emphasizes Jorge Plasencia.

Education and prevention will be two of the main axes of Republica Havas Health

Republica Havas Health will focus on diversity in clinical researchon culturally relevant healthcare, wellness-focused marketing, multicultural competition in healthcare, and concrete actions to address inequalities in healthcare.

The agency will also promote cultural fluency in communication about health and wellness. among Hispanic, Black, and Asian American consumers and the LGBTQIA+ community.

According to Jorge Plasencia, Republica Havas Health will also try to combat the deficit of affordable and truly accessible health services for communities of color.

“We will largely have our sights set on health education and prevention,” says Plasencia.

Another objective of Republica Havas Health will be to provide support to influencers and brands involved in activism to make deliver your messages more effectively to local communities.

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