The musical news of the week: JeanJass, Beyoncé, Foals, Ben Harper and Julien Doré

Headliner of the Belgian rap scene with the rapper Caballero, JeanJass releases his second solo album with funny and sharp rhymes and New York atmosphere.

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Our decryption of the week

That’s it: it’s hot, summer is setting in and with it the long-awaited return of festivals .

The Graspop kicked off the behemoths on Thursday and will set the tone for this season, which has been unbalanced by many factors.

What if the summer of 2022 was the one of all dangers for Belgian festivals?

The jukebox of the week

Beyoncé announces her “Rebirth”

A Twitter post was enough to ignite the web:

A new album for Ben Harper

Ben Harper (who dropped the beard) announced the release of a new album, Bloodline Maintenance on July 22 with the single We need to talk about it .

Christophe Willem ready in September

The Frenchman will come out Panorama next September 16.

In the meantime, he unveils the single Phantom . A very soft title on the guitar where the juror of The Voice Belgium speaks of his torments.

An offbeat duo for Julien Doré

You may not know yet Michael this canadian singer who is a little rapper whose lyrics are light and (we hope) in the second degree.

It didn’t take much more to catch the eye of Julien Dore whose humor we know. And “abracadabra”, here they come out Looser an offbeat duo just right for you to enjoy.

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