the mystery series on Amazon Prime in which Billie Eilish appears

swarm either The Swarm: Murderous Obsession is a psychological horror and suspenseful Amazon Prime Video series in which artists like Chloe Bailey and Billie Eilish have special performances.

The plot follows the life of Dre, a young woman played by actress Dominique Fishback, whose obsession with a pop star takes a dark turn.

The series premiered on March 17, 2023, and Ni’Jah’s career, a world-famous pop star, parallels that of artist Beyoncé.

Especially since Ni’Jah’s fans are called “The Swarm” or “El Enjambre”, while Beyoncé’s are known as “Bey Hive” or “Colmena Bey”.

The seven-episode show features more than 12 special guests, including singer Billie Eilish, who plays Eva, a female empowerment cult leader who recruits Dre.

Actress and model Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael Jackson, plays Hailey, a stripper who has an abusive boyfriend.

Comedian Byron Bowers plays George, a sound guy that Dre uses to get close to Ni’Jah. While actress Kate Lyn Sheil acts as Cricket, a girl who offers Dre a place to stay.

The executive producers of the series are Donald Glover and Janine Nabers, it has a script written by them along with Karen Joseph Adcock and Malia Obama.

Glover, artistically known as Childish Gambino, has been executive producer of Atlanta, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Mystery Team, Clap Your Hands For The Wrong Reasons, Guava Island, among other.

While the playwright Nabers has participated as a writer on A Bride’s Guide to Divorce, Unreal, Watchmen, The 45 Rules of Divorce, Atlanta and Swarm, in the latter two she has coincided with Glover.

The series has had acceptable reviews. Collider, a movie and series review website, published that “Glover and Nabers have created a work that goes beyond the fan and shows the seriously damaged person behind it, but without trying to make it likeable or justifiable.”

“With Fishback always riveting, biting humor well used, and more than meets the eye in the story, the rumors surrounding Swarm are well worth uncovering,” commented review site IndieWire.

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