The names of the children of the Kardashian-Jenner and their meaning

Kardashian Jenner Family Tree


    Nobody cares about the baby’s name until they’re in our arms, do they? Be that as it may, the ‘celebs’ are the creators of trends in terms of names, from ‘Indigo’ (the son of Camilo and Evaluna)to our favorite and very cool, ‘Cosmo’ (Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost’s baby). And, of course, if we had to focus on the most original names for some and rare for others, those used by members of the Kardashian-Jenner family would surely come to mind.

    Since ‘Stormi’ (‘the showers’ for Twitter users) to ‘True’ (the eldest of Khloé Kardashian’s children), going through ‘Mason’ and ‘Penelope’ (two of Kourtney Kardashian’s children); The daughters and son of the ‘momanager’ have chosen different names with very different meanings and, on occasions, they have even needed a note on how to pronounce them. The last one that has surprised us has been Kylie Jenner, who has called her second son together with the rapper, Travis Scott, ‘Aire’.

    And of course, with ‘Stormi’ and ‘Aire’ at home, we have started to investigate the reasons for the choice of all the names of the third generation members of the most famous ‘Klan’ on television. Therefore, here we include each of the words that they have used to expand their family tree, so that you do not forget any of them and you can show off when your friend tries to debate you and get philosophical.

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In an Instagram live in March 2019, The little girl from the ‘Klan’ explained that the reason for the name of her first daughter was born from her desire to call ‘storm’ in English, but to which I wanted to add the suffix ‘ie’. In the same way, he also had other names in mind, such as ‘Rose’. But when little ‘Stormi’ was born, he just knew he was meant for her.

The meaning of ‘True’ (‘Truth’ in Spanish) was born with the help of Khloé’s grandmother, MJ, who mentioned the name to her and which she couldn’t stop thinking about throughout her pregnancy. It is a name that recurs in the Kardashian family tree, as the name of the sisters’ great-grandfather and the middle name of their grandfather..

Secondly, ‘Bruno’ (of which there are no images yet) is Khloé’s new baby with Tristan Thompson. Its name of German origin means ‘the one standing brown’ or ‘the one who protects’.

Kourtney’s only daughter with Scott Disick It does not have a specific meaning on the part of their parents, although it does in mythology in which it is represented as the wife of Odysseus (or Ulysses). and she spends her life waiting for her husband, weaving and breaking a loom over and over again for the love of her husband.

The only thing that is known about his parents’ decision is that they wanted a name with the letter ‘P’.

‘Reign’ literally means: reign. Despite this, her mother declared that it was the only name left on the baby name list after having Mason and Penelope.

Her middle name (‘Dash’) is an abbreviation for Kardashian, as well as being the nickname the father of the Kardashian sisters had. Secondly, Kourtney revealed that ‘Mason’ was the name that was on her mind as soon as she found out she was pregnant. And the meaning is none other than ‘the one who works the stone‘ (or ‘quarry’).

The name of the son of Kim Kardashian refers (oddly enough) to the word ‘holy’. And the reason was the surprise of the pregnancy of the creator of SKIMS and the complicated pregnancy that she lived.

‘Psalm’ comes to be translated as ‘Psalm’ and refers to a sacred song or poem used in the Bible. It is due to the community services in the Church that the ex-husband of Kim Kardashian performs every Sunday. Kim assured that the psalms are not sermons, but “just music.”

The only one who will inherit the last name Kardashian She is the daughter of the disappeared from public light, Rob Kardashian. A) Yes, the chosen name (‘Dream’) literally means: ‘Dream reborn’. And the explanation is very clear. For the couple, the arrival of their little girl was like ‘a dream come true’, plus Renée (reborn) is the middle name of Black Chyna, Dream’s mother.

Specialized in celebrities and Y2K culture, Álvaro graduated in Journalism from the Rey Juan Carlos University.

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