“The Napoli squad is built to stay high even with injuries”


Andrea Agostinelli talks about Napoli

Andrea spoke on Radio Marte during the program “The network swells” Agostinelli, columnist: “Spalletti knew that a more difficult moment could come. The first crunches were seen against Salernitana but the difficulties are natural, they are part of the game and of the year. Osimhen? Sorry about missing but between false nueve or true center-forward Napoli still has a wide and quality squad. He can and must face these difficulties, certainly he needs to get back on his feet and regain energy. I didn’t like Napoli in the first half for their approach to the game, in the second half he then started playing as a real team. There is no such thing as every half ball hardly ever catches. Climate? When in the cup you happen to go to Russia you know you will find temperature excursions. The second half done in that way can create mitigating circumstances but up to a certain point. now Napoli can put everything back on track. Now it is important to understand that if before you shot on goal, you took the post and went in now after the post goes out. The moment is now. The Napoli squad, however, is built to stay up even with injuries. Mertens or Petagna against Lazio? Petagna, because I thought Mertens could play better yesterday. I’d play it like that but maybe Mertens plays, which is the history of Napoli, that’s okay anyway “.

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