The Nation / Eternal youth! List of celebrities who “never age” go viral

A list of Paraguayan celebrities who, despite the ravages of time, “never aged” went viral on Twitter. Yolanda Park, Malala Olitte, Carlos Martini and Dani Da Rosa make up this highly popular list, which sparked all kinds of reactions on social networks. Twitter users even used “conspiracy” theories to explain the secret of the “eternal youth” of these celebrities.

Internet user Marcos Ortiz caused a stir on social networks by posting on Twitter a list of “famous Paraguayan figures who never aged.” To prove his theory, the young man published comparative photos of the “before and after” of each member of the payroll and gained the support of hundreds of tweeters.who also wondered how these celebrities managed to “stop” the passage of time and always look young.

The famous newscaster Carlos Martini integrates the first places of the list of celebrities who “never got old”. The viral comparison on Twitter shows how the passage of time has not affected the image of the beloved sociologist and writer, who is preparing to return to TV in the near future, after facing a tough recovery from a domestic accident he suffered at the end of October.

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With years of experience in the media, currently integrating the team of communicators of TreceMalala Olitte and Yolanda Park are other Paraguayan celebrities who, according to the public, did not feel the passage of time and they always maintain a jovial attitude to face life. Both managed to consolidate a large community on social networks. Michelin Ortíz and Dani Da Rosa are also on this list.

The thread of the “celebrities who do not age” caused a stir on social networks and already accumulates more than 260,000 views, with dozens of comments. “How do they do that?” Netizens opined, who searched for strange and funny theories to explain how these Paraguayan celebrities remain “forever young”.

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