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Lali González enjoys her stay in Paraguay. Photo: Instagram.

March 26, 2023 1:35 PM

The actress and TV host Lali González traveled from Buenos Aires to Asunción to enjoy a few days off with her family. On social networks, the compatriot published how much she missed our country and reported that she will soon have to return to Argentina to join the program “What sign are you?”

The famous Paraguayan actress arrived on Guarani soil last Friday and, since then, he has not stopped sharing on social networks the emotion he feels for returning to his beloved homeland. Hello Paraguay. I missed you,” the TV host wrote happily on Instagram.

Lali González now resides in Buenos Aires, where she is in charge of conducting the program “What sign are you?”, in which she plays the role of “Cupid” and has to help the participants find love. After months of hard work on Argentine TV, the actress returned to Paraguay to enjoy the love of her family. “I came to give some kisses and I’m going back, because you never know when it will be the last time,” he reflected on networks.

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A few days ago, the compatriot shared on Instagram a tender reflection on the personal and professional development she has experienced in recent months. “I’m not the same as before. Many will think that I mean only in the workplace, however, also from another place and the most important. Today I feel lighter. I allow myself not to be perfect. I forgive myself. I do not regret anything, ”she assured and moved the digital audience.

The Paraguayan woman became famous in the neighboring country with her acting skills in the novel “La 1-5/18″, in which she played Rita. Now, the professional is focused on her new facet as a TV host, where she dazzles as the new cupid of Argentines.

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Bolivian teachers use Shakira phrases to demand improvements. Photo: AFP.

March 26, 2023 12:36 PM

Teachers in Bolivia held a great national mobilization last Friday to the rhythm of Shakira and Bizarrap to demand that the Government increase the budget for education. With iconic phrases such as “this so that they are mortified” and by “ministers like ‘túúú'”, the teachers took over the streets of Bolivia and went viral on networks.

The singular protest led by teachers in Bolivia, who used the recent hit by Shakira and Bizarrap, “BZRP music session #53″, as their anthem, became a trend on social networks to demand improvements in education from the Government. As could be seen in viral videos, The teachers chanted the phrase “ministers like you, ministers like you, the position was too big for you, that’s why you are marching from full to full”parodying the song of the Colombian and the Argentine.

Teachers raised their voices demanding an increase in the education budget. The different unions of teachers met to also request salary increases, overtime pay and retirementusing the iconic “hints” that Shakira uses against Piqué in “BZRP music session #53”.

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“This is for them to mortify themselves” and “teachers no longer give up and even if the ‘cops’ classify us”, parodied teachers in the streets of Bolivia and unleashed the admiration of the world for their creative way of protesting in favor of education. As reported in networks, after mobilizing to the rhythm of Shakira and Bizarrap, the teachers intend to harden their march.

According to international media, through Shakira and other artists, the teachers demonstrated in “a whole variation of creativity” that The essence of the teachers’ protest in Bolivia is to expose the “anti-educational” policy of the current government.

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Laurys caused a sensation after doing a photo shoot as a haute couture model. Photo: Instagram.

March 26, 2023 11:54 AM

The influencer Laurys Dyva caused a furor on social networks by sharing some images of the photo session she carried out together with the communicator Fernando Ruttia and the photographer Graciela Núñez. Does the diva of the networks have any pretensions to compete in the Miss Universe Paraguay? Through social networks, the model threw some clues to her followers.

Laurys Dyva surprised her large community of followers by showing herself as a haute couture model, posing with a garment from the renowned national brand Caburé, by designer Hugo “Negro” Vázquez. In this photo session, The influencer not only dazzled the cameras with the exclusive design, but also showed herself with a crown that aroused the curiosity of Internet users.

In a parallel world, I am your Miss Paraguay, my loves. But, I am the princess of the ‘pynandi battalion’, always for my people. I love them much “, wrote Laurys Dyva on Instagram. The diva’s post transcended the national border and pages of misses on an international scale since the Paraguayan photo session was replicated on networks. For example, from Miss Universe Confidently Beautiful they already presented the model as the new Miss Universe Paraguay.

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Laurys’s post moved network users, They did not hesitate to send their good wishes to the influencer. “The queen that all Paraguay loves”, “The sovereign queen that we deserve” and “She looks like Andrea Meza, Miss Universe 2020” were just some of the comments that the Instagram post received.

Laurys Dyva won the affection of the public for her big heart and her vocation for solidarity. In recent weeks, the influencer has been very aware of little Mia. The girl suffers from kyphoscoliosis and needs an intervention that is only performed at the IPS. The internet diva used her voice and her reach to support the minor and now she closely follows the entire process prior to the surgical intervention.

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